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Anuradha broke up with Padwal, the helicopter that witnessed the terrible accident is being sold for so much!

Banglahunt the desk: Madhya Pradesh Government Bell-430 Helicopter (Bell-430 Helicopter) is going to be sold. Famous musician Anuradha Paudwal met with an accident when he was stuck in this helicopter. The copter crashed with the musician. Madhya Pradesh government has decided to sell that helicopter.

The year is 2002, February 21. Veteran musician Anuradha Padwal was scheduled to attend a government function. The Bell-430 helicopter was given to transport him to the event. But no one could have imagined what a terrible accident was waiting.

The copter crashed near Vijay Nagar in Indore that day. Fortunately, Anuradha Padwal survived with minor injuries. But then Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijoy Singh’s personal assistant Rajendra Singh Raghuvanshi, who was escorting the musician to the function, was seriously injured.

Now that the government has decided to repair the helicopter, Raghuvanshi has opened up about the incident that day. He told the media that the responsibility of taking Anuradha Padwal to a government function near Beora fell on his shoulders. Radhakrishnan Malvya of Congress was also with him. The memory of the accident is still fresh in his mind.

According to sources, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s cabinet meeting decided to sell Bell-430 helicopters. The copter is being sold for a total of 2 crore 57 lakh rupees. The company has discontinued the production of this helicopter. Also the copter is no longer able to fly. So the government has decided to sell it for big money.

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