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This death valley walking alone big stones! Check out the shocking photos

First Published Sep 1, 2022, 5:54 PM IST

Vibula know how much of this world!! really so There are many mysterious places in the world, whose stories you may have heard. America’s Death Valley is one of them. Despite a thousand attempts, scientists could not solve the mystery of this valley. It is said that in this mysterious place, the giant stones move hundreds of feet by themselves!

How do these stones move themselves? After much research on this place, its mystery has not been revealed. Due to these reasons, many tourists come from all over the country to see this mysterious place. This place is located southeast of California near the state of Nevada. This mysterious place is spread over 225 km.

People still avoid the Death Valley in California, USA. Once upon a time a few tried to reach the gold mine on the opposite side, over a dry hot misty desert valley. But could not go far. 1 of them died in that.

Some people say that supernatural forces move these stones. Hence the name of this dhu dhu wilderness is Death Valley. There is no population here.

Since then this Pandava forbidden place is called Death Valley. Where no man goes, no animal or bird lives. There is no one to drag the stone. Yet the stones move here and there.

The important thing is that no one has ever seen these stones walked on. As these stones move, they leave a long line behind them. The movement of these stones is known only after the marks of the same line.

Scientists have different theories about what causes these stones to move. In 1972, a team of scientists came here to unravel this mystery. They researched these stones for about seven years. Scientists specifically researched a stone weighing 317 kg at that time. But surprisingly, the stone did not move at all during the research.

At the same time, a few years later, when scientists reached there again to locate the stone, it was found to be about a kilometer away. Many scientists were surprised to see this. According to many other scientists, these rocks move due to strong winds. However, researchers do not agree on the cause of these rocks sliding.

Various reasons have been tried to explain it. According to some, it is caused by the wind. The stone began to rub against the ground. But even a storm cannot move that heavy stone. It is clear. So how is that possible!

Researchers from Spain’s Complutense University say that this could be due to microbes present in the soil here. These microbes make the soil slippery. Due to this the stones slide on the ground.

It is worth noting that no definite conclusion has yet been reached about the mysterious sliding of these stones. Why did these stones move from their places? It remains a mystery to this day.

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