Partha Majumdar gave new information about Tutul-Sonia’s marriage

Musician SI Tutul married American expatriate Sharmina Siraj Sonia. The news of their marriage came to light on July 18. Although there was a lot of discussion about the matter at that time, there was not much controversy later. However, Tutul-Sonia’s married life came up again in the month of Peru. Musician Partha Majumdar opened up about the matter.

He said that SI Tutul has not yet married Sonia. But there is a possibility of marriage. Partha Majumdar gave a long status on Facebook about the matter.

His status is highlighted as-

‘I thought I wouldn’t write anything. I will not comment on this matter. The matter is related to SI Tutul. Something for a few days

Watching the news, which made me think or write.

What kind of man is this SI Tutul? If I am asked, I will say, I know him somewhat; Not quite. 17 years of traveling together. There is no such place in this country, where I have not been. He (Tutul) and I lived in the same room. When the night was late, I used to share about myself. One truth that everyone should know or better know is that one cannot know a person without spending the night with them.

I saw and heard the news, I don’t know if it is true or false. don’t want to know Because it is completely their personal event. Tanya loves me more than her elder brother. We have also talked about this. There was no anger or hatred expressed but said that he (Tutul) wants to be well, I (Tanya) pray.

Since I am close to both of them, we can talk. The point is, trying to peep through the window to see what a man is doing in his private life is a distasteful task. I reserve the right to discipline Tutul if necessary. Do it if necessary. And the fault? Who is not guilty in our personal life? He who does not have it, is a great man. I asked Tutul directly, are you married? He (Tutul) didn’t tell me, I didn’t do it. But maybe I will.

I have his writings, his words, but there is nothing more dishonest than revealing his private words written by trusting someone. So I didn’t do that. I told him, if you get married, you do it, if you don’t, it’s up to you. Why do you say that to me? He (Tutul) told me, Dada I did not do it. At least I won’t lie to you. Now if he is lying, that is his business.

Yes, everyone sees interest in the workplace. In some cases so is he, let’s not go into that. I have never seen anyone cheat in front of my eyes in the past 17 years. I have not seen anyone earn money by doing harm. But if it does, I don’t know. I saw in the news, another younger sister of ours is a singer. It is shown with him as part of this news, which is very rude. For what purpose, they can say better.

It is said that he is pressuring the new wife for money, saying that he will do business; I don’t believe it. I don’t know that Tutul. These words seemed disrespectful. But people change. If it does, I can’t forgive myself. And in words media people are bad, this is injustice. Do you think they are good in terms of mind? If you laugh at them today, will it prove that those who are laughing are very big as people? When can anyone tell what happens to someone? They are all alone today. Hoping for a little happiness or a little peace. So everyone stepped aside. What fun and not in danger! What joy! You have to respect the enemy too. And God knows what will happen and what will not happen. So no one will be so indifferent. No one laughs at anyone’s peril. It is a very big crime. Don’t go astray without knowing what is right and what is wrong. I myself do not know what is really happening. If they are guilty, there is God, he will punish!

Finally, what you read or hear from people may not always be correct. There may be many conflicts among themselves. So calling him public is weakness. How many people cry silently for a little peace, a little love, who knows about it? The celebrity is the same person. Be well everyone, please forgive me if I am wrong.’

The article is in Bengali

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