Killing husband and children was his addiction

The number of people who live with animal nature behind human appearance is not small. Even though they looked like humble people, they harbored violence in their hearts. They had nothing to say about mercy. Those who did not hesitate to kill. There are outsiders and family members have also been killed by deranged people.

Many serial killers have terrorized every century. Killing people was an addiction. The number of women among them is not less. In history, Belle Gunnes, the famous Lady Bluebird, killed her husband and children. Getting married one after another was his addiction. Then the husband and children would kill everyone and start a new family again. In total, Belle killed 42 people, including 15 husbands and children.

Belle Gunnes was born on November 11, 1859 in Norway. Bell’s family was very poor. However, Belle moved to America at the age of 23 to turn her luck around. Coming here, he met a man named Mad Sorsan. Then their love and fate. They married in 1893. Belle ran a confectionery shop with her husband. Four children were born to them within a few years. They also adopted Caroline, Axel, Myrtle and Lucy Nave and a daughter named Jenny. Bell’s family was living happily with a total of 5 children.

Bell’s two sons and daughter died suddenly. Everyone knew they died of stomach ache. A few days later, their confectionery shop caught fire and everything was burnt down. Bel’s disorientation. Belle and her husband received the money the store had insured within a few days. They also get the life insurance money of the two children who died.

But mysteriously, on the day they returned home with the money, Belle’s husband, Mad Sorsan, died. Everything looked a little strange to the people around. Bell’s family is going through so much storm, but Bell’s eyes are like a smile of satisfaction.

After seeing Mad Sorsan’s post-mortem, the doctors began to doubt Belle. Because a type of chemical is found in his body. The chemical was also found in the bodies of two of Bell’s dead children. Belle didn’t care about any of that though. She repeatedly attributed her husband’s death to a heart attack. The police arrested Belle for the murder of husband and child.

In fact, this was the beginning of Bell. He used his own child to kill people. Although her husband was also involved in this murder. Basically they kill children to get life insurance money. For the same reason, they also burn their own shops. Belle killed her husband after getting the money. She killed her husband and children with this highly poisonous, colorless poison.

Belle was released after a few days because the police did not have enough evidence. Moved to Indiana with the remaining three children. He bought a farm of 42 acres there. But he didn’t buy this farm to spend the rest of his life happily with his children. Rather, this farm later became known as The Death Garden. He committed most of his murders in this garden house.

A few days after buying this farm, a part of the farm was burnt down. Similarly collect insurance money. Came here and married a man named Peter Gunnes on April 1, 1902. Peter was married once before. He also has two daughters in that family. They started living together with Bel.

A few days later, the little girl died mysteriously. Peter had a slight suspicion that something was amiss. He then sent his eldest daughter Swanhild to a relative’s house. It was the best decision he ever made. Because only this girl was able to escape from Bel.

Peter died the following year. That is in 1903. It is said that he died after a kitchen faucet fell on his head. But Peter’s eldest daughter, Jenny, saw the murder as the real cause of her father’s death. He tells this to one of his girlfriends, that her mother beat her father to death with a crowbar.

Strychnine was again found in the dead body during post mortem. It is believed that the accident was staged after poisoning. Or poison may have been used to ensure death. However, seeing Bell’s cries after her husband’s death, no one could think of her as a murderer.

Not long after Peter’s death, Belle cashed out on his life insurance. After 6 months, Belle gave birth to a son. He was named Philip Gaines. From then on, he started a new way. He became addicted to killing. On the one hand the greed of money and on the other hand the addiction to murder. However, Belle did not sit on the marriage ladder.

Now he started to advertise the marriage in the newspaper. The advertisement stipulated that the man interested in marriage must come to the bride’s house with cash from his savings. Many have responded to the proposal of Sundari Bell. Many men saw this advertisement and went to Bell’s farm house with money. But never came back.

As beautiful as Belle was, she was also very healthy. He could easily arrest any man. John Moo, Henry Gerholt, Wolf Sevenhardt, Olaf Badsberg, Olaf Lindblum, Andre Hagelin were killed by him. There are many more people on this list who were killed by Bell. However, their exact identity and number is not known.

The time is 1908. Bell’s secret was revealed after the murder of Andre Hagelin. After Andre Hagelin goes missing, his brother starts looking for him. An investigation into the disappearance of Andre Hageliner begins. Meanwhile Bell’s farmhouse was burnt to ashes. Rescuers found the charred bodies of Bell’s three children. Another headless body lay next to it. But it wasn’t Bell’s body. Because Belle was long-bodied, on the other hand, the neckless corpse was thin-bodied. So where is Belle?

The rescue workers started searching for the head of the body around Baganbari. As the soil of the garden was dug, skeletons started to come out one after another. The skeletons of 12 people were recovered from that garden house alone, who were missing in the police register for so long. Among the skeletons were some children’s skeletons. But the severed head was nowhere to be found. At the same time, the snow has vanished into thin air.

Killing husband and children was his addiction

Meanwhile, a neighbor named Ray Lampher was arrested for setting Bell’s farmhouse on fire. Ray Lampher only admitted to setting the fire. However, he claimed that he did not know anything about the murder. Ray Lampher died in jail. But Ray Lampher admitted a few days before he died. It was all Bell’s plan. He actually wanted to fake his own death by leaving the headless body. But his gigantic body was no match for the corpse.

Meanwhile, Bailey had withdrawn most of his money from Paisa Bank a few days before the farmhouse fire. However, Bell was never found again. No one knows where he went. However, in 1931, a woman named Esther Carlson died while on trial in Los Angeles. He was accused of killing a man with poison.

Carlson’s looks and physique are similar to Belle Gaines. They were about the same age. Another photo of Carlson was found with his three children. He looked like Belle there. But the technology was not as advanced as it is now. Because of that Belle escaped and survived. After that no one could know the history of how many more lives were taken.

In fact, Belle grew up in a poor family. That’s why they spent their days like this. He did various jobs for money. Belle was pregnant at the age of 19. He was in Norway then. Went dancing in bars while pregnant for some money. There a big man’s son kicked her in the stomach causing her to miscarry. A few days later the man died mysteriously.

Since then, Bell’s behavior has changed dramatically. He later came to America and became one of the most notorious and brutal serial killers in history. This was featured in an Irish TV documentary. However, many historians disagree about its authenticity.

In 2007, a group of students at the University of Indianapolis examined the headless body. However, it was not possible to prove that it was Bell’s body because there was no sample of Bell’s DNA. After that day, nothing is known if Belle was actually alive or if she had any children. However, in the area where Bell’s farm was located, 21 children from that area went missing. Later they were not found.

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