If you want to keep your heart healthy, stay away from these 4 things from today


First Published Sep 1, 2022, 4:18 PM IST

People in India should take special care of their heart health because the diet of people here is very oily and unhealthy which increases bad cholesterol in the blood and then leads to heart attack, coronary artery disease and triple vessel disease. Its a risk, which can be fatal for you later. For this it is better to be careful today and change some habits. According to experts, if you want to improve your heart health, stay away from certain things.

Stay away from these for heart health:
1) Salt
Eating a limited amount of salt does not harm health, the problem comes when we start consuming too much salt. Due to this, there is lack of iron in the blood and acidity in the stomach also increases. It later takes a horrible form and then the heart disease starts.

2) Processed meats
If you eat meat to meet your protein requirements, it is not bad for you, but these days there is an increased trend of processed foods that include processed meat. It contains a lot of preservatives, which increases the risk of heart disease.

3) Sugar
The taste of sweet things often attracts us, but it is the biggest enemy of our health. Eating too much sugar can make you prone to obesity, which leads to heart disease in the future. So eat limited amounts of sugar.

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4) Excitement
It is said that anxiety is like a leopard, this is also true to a large extent when it comes to health. If you have stress, depression or tension in your life, understand that it is bound to have a bad effect on the heart. So it is better to live a stress free life.

Last Updated Sep 1, 2022, 4:18 PM IST

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