Empty bank account in a minute! The police caught the ‘mahachor’ of the Jamtara gang

Kolkata : A little carelessness is a disaster. Bank account will be empty. They are trying to make your entire life disappear in a minute. Now the whole country knows their name. Jamtara gang.

This name is rarely heard. Jamtara gang in public again. Wasim Ansari, an accused of Jamtara gang, was arrested by Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police Station.

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According to police sources, an accused made a complaint to the Cybercrime police station and said that after collecting the bank’s customer care number from the internet, he was called by a bank employee.

When the person is informed about the app’s difficulty in mobile banking, he is sent a software link and asked to download it. When the complainant downloads it, the bank employee uses the mobile banking app. He said in the complaint. After that he came to know that 2 lakh rupees disappeared from his bank account.

Jamtara gang came to the attention of the police after starting that investigation. According to police sources, this money reached the account of accused Wasim Ansari. He was summoned for questioning by the police of the Cybercrime police station. However, he did not come to the police station and applied for bail in the court on 31st.

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The court ordered him to police custody for 5 days. The police of Cybercrime police station wants to investigate him and find the main master of this gang.

Anup Chakraborty

Published by:Suman Majumder

First published: September 01, 2022, 15:09 IST

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Tags: Empty bank account minute police caught mahachor Jamtara gang

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