‘The price of rice will come down in the market as the OMS program is launched’

‘The price of rice will come down in the market as the OMS program is launched’
‘The price of rice will come down in the market as the OMS program is launched’

Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumdar said that the price of rice will come down in the market due to the introduction of open market sale (OMS) and food friendly programme.

He said these things after inaugurating the rice-flour distribution program among the beneficiaries under the food-friendly and OMS program that started across the country on Thursday (September 1) at Chapra Mosque premises in Azimpur, Dhaka, in response to various questions from journalists.

The food minister said, ‘3 lakh metric tons of rice will be given every month under OMS and food-friendly programs. At present, the country has about 2 million tons of foodgrains in stock. He said that more wheat and rice will be imported in the future plan.

The food minister also said, ‘Rice is being sold at what price? From there I request the journalists to monitor the price at which they are selling and how much profit the retailers are selling after buying from it. There is no shortage of rice in the country, just looking at every business establishment there is plenty of rice. Strict action will be taken against anyone making abnormal profit in rice. Strict monitoring is being done in this regard.’

There are syndicates among traders at different levels in the market, when asked if it is possible to break this syndicate, the food minister said, ‘It is not possible to break the syndicate.’ He wants the cooperation of journalists in this regard.

Regarding why rice is being imported from abroad even though the country has sufficient stock of rice, the food minister said that the amount of arable land is decreasing every year. Farmers are shifting towards different crops including mango and pineapple. For this reason rice and wheat are being imported in future plans.

5 kg of rice and 2 kg of flour per person are being sold through OMS on Thursday. 30 kg of rice will be given to 50 lakh poor people of the country at Tk 15 per kg every month. Besides providing edible oil, sugar and lentils through Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), cardholders can buy rice at affordable prices at the rate of Tk 30 per kg and 10 kg per kg. Rice will be distributed in the food friendly program for the next three months of September, October and November.

At that time, the director general of the food department. Sakhawat Hossain, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Food. Mojibur Rahman, Additional Director General of Food Department Abdullah Al Mamun and Ward Commissioner of Dhaka South City Corporation Hasibur Rahman Manik were present.

Earlier, the Food Minister inaugurated the food-friendly program at Narayanganj District Commissioner’s office premises and the OMS program at Chazhara intersection.

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