As the water level of Padma rises, the river begins to break down in Nimtola village of Godagari

As the water level of Padma rises, the river begins to break down in Nimtola village of Godagari
As the water level of Padma rises, the river begins to break down in Nimtola village of Godagari

Monsoon comes, floods come with it and rivers break down. People’s chests tremble with the fear of suffering. Millions of people are terrified. Like every year, this year too the floods have started and the disastrous Padma river has started to erode in Rajshahi Godagari. The concerned UP Chairman, members have submitted a memorandum to the Executive Engineer of the Water Development Board to prevent the breach.

Almost every year, the outbreak of floods in the country begins in the month of Asadha. First the rains and India opened all the gates of their Farakka and the floods from the upstream Padma, the Mahnanda river started to overflow and the river began to flood. This time was no exception.
In Nimtola, Chak Para, Kharijaganti and Mollapara of Godagari upazila, Padma river has breached again. During the last year, several thousand bighas of cropland, mango orchards, homesteads, government primary schools, government cattle farms, goat development farms, poultry farms, mosques, temples, madrasas and other important structures have been submerged in the river.
The Padma river takes a dangerous form every year during floods. Due to the severe erosion of Padma, mango orchards, various fruit trees, cropland are going under the river. For the last 5 days, the river has broken again in Nimtela village of the upazila. Roads, shops, crop fields, as well as homesteads and important structures are under threat. Residents of the riverside are spending sleepless nights in fear of collapse. I understand that everything went down, the destruction Padma took away our life and property, livestock. Local residents demand immediate action to prevent demolition.

Abdur Rahman, a 70-year-old retired teacher and farmer of Nimtala village, said with tears in his eyes, “Houses, croplands, roads, roads, which were built with great difficulty, are disappearing under the river. The river has come to the edge of many houses. The tubewell next to the house went into the river.

Krishna Kumar Sarkar, the leader of Hindu Christian Parishad, said that on Wednesday morning, I went to Nimtola village along the river bank, sandbags have been thrown in some places, the place is fairly secure, the rest of the places are being destroyed, roads, shops, crop fields are being destroyed. It is important to give sandbags everywhere to prevent this breakage. If effective measures are not taken soon to prevent the erosion, important facilities including Nimtala Chak Para, Kharijaganti and Mollapara areas, mango orchards, homesteads, government primary schools will go under the river. Families living in the area will sit on the road.

Prominent businessman, social worker, financial secretary of Upazila Jubo League and Chairman of Deopara UP, Md. Belal Uddin Sohail said, at various times, Upazila Executive Officers and Water Development Board officials came for inspection, I was also with them. I believe that Deputy Commissioner and Upazila will do everything under the instructions of MP Omar Farooq Chowdhury.

Belal Uddin Sohail also said, this morning, along with the members, Sudhijans, I have submitted a memorandum to the Executive Engineer of Rajshahi Water Development Board to take urgent steps to prevent the destruction of the houses and houses of the people on the banks of the Padma of Deopara Union.
Upazila Project Implementation Officer (PIO) Engineer Abu Bashir said relief materials and help will be provided according to the list of affected families.
Godagari Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md. Jane Alam said, “I know about the breaking of that Elkar.” Earlier, sandbags were placed to protect the residents from the collapse. In the future, the government will take steps for a permanent solution to this problem.

Not only during monsoon, Ashwin-Karti also floods in this country. In 2019, there was a flood in October, breaking the record of 60 years.
Water experts say that Bangladesh has historically experienced floods during monsoons. Because, this delta was born due to accumulation of river sediments. Birth of Bangladesh. During floods, these sediments spread over the plains and increase soil fertility. Hence, floods are both a curse and a blessing for Bangladesh. But it is true, the amount of flood damage is also increasing due to the multi-faceted activities of humans that destroy the environment.

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