The child died in the mother’s arms while waiting for the doctor

The child died in the mother’s arms while waiting for the doctor
The child died in the mother’s arms while waiting for the doctor

A five-year-old child died in his mother’s arms while waiting for the doctor. He came to the government hospital for treatment. But he died without receiving timely treatment. This incident happened in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Such negligence in treatment in government hospitals has shocked everyone.

The little boy named Rishi was taken to the local health center by his father Sanjay Pandey and his family. But after sitting outside the health center for hours, no doctor came forward to treat the sick child. As a result, the child died in front of the helpless parents.

This incident has once again highlighted the poor health infrastructure of the state. The death of that child has spread anger among the local residents. Even after several hours of the child’s death, none of the doctors or medical officers assigned to the health center were found.

Such incidents are often seen in Madhya Pradesh. Last month, a young man from Gudaru village of Anuppur district of the province tied his mother’s body to his motorcycle and took it home after not finding a vehicle to carry his mother’s body from the hospital.

On August 1, a young man was seen carrying his mother’s body tied to a motorcycle home from Shahodal Medical College Hospital, which was released on social media in a video. The incident, which went viral in a short time, caused severe criticism of the health system of Madhya Pradesh across the country.

A young man named Sundar Yadav took the sick mother Jaya Mantri Yadav to Shahodal Medical College Hospital from Gudaru village in Anuppur district. When her mother dies while undergoing treatment there, Shavayan Sundar wants the hospital authorities to take the body to the village. According to the hospital authorities, five thousand rupees should be paid to take the dead body to Gudaru village.

Unable to raise that money, Sundar finally bought a wooden platform with 100 rupees and put the body on it and tied it with a rope. In this way, he took his mother’s body to a village 80 km away from the hospital on a motorcycle.

Sundar Yadav said that the mother was first admitted to the district hospital due to chest pain. Later, his condition deteriorated and he was shifted to the Medical College Hospital. He alleged that his mother died due to the negligence of doctors and nurses in both the hospitals.


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