US bans Nvidia from supplying AI chips to China

US bans Nvidia from supplying AI chips to China
US bans Nvidia from supplying AI chips to China

The US government has banned the export of two chips widely used in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector to the Chinese market, Nvidia said.

As a result of this, not only the Chinese companies that rely on AI technology will be in trouble, but also their own business is feared to be damaged, the leading chip manufacturer of the United States, Nvidia.

The US has banned A100 and H100 chips designed for use in machine learning, the company said. The company also fears that the manufacturing process of the H100 series chips will be interrupted.

Another chip maker ‘Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)’ reported falling into the same predicament as Nvidia. The company will not be able to export the Mi250 AI chip to China due to the newly imposed US obligations. However, the company does not expect any adverse impact on the overall business due to the changed policy of the United States.

Nvidia told Reuters that only products that could be used by the military in China are subject to the new policy, according to US authorities.

The US Commerce Department declined to provide details to Reuters on the ban on AI chip exports to China.

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