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The kid standing next to Dara Singh is the superstar today, the father-in-law the best hero of Bollywood

Entertainment Desk: See that cute little kid next to Dara Singh in the picture? Today he is a big star of Bollywood. Not only a big star, he has also become a very big superstar today. Today he is well known not only in Bollywood, but all over the world. Millions of his fans today call him Khiladi. Did you recognize? Can’t recognize that? Let us tell you who he is.

He has been seen acting in all kinds of Bollywood films. Be it action films or romantic films, he is fluent in all films. Simultaneously acted with various famous beauties of the 80s including Madhuri, Rabina and Shilpa. This little baby is the son-in-law of a famous late Bollywood superstar. His wife is also a very popular actress, although she no longer acts.

Did not recognize? Then I say so. He is the son-in-law of Rajesh Khanna. And his daughter is married to Twinkle Khanna. You must have recognized it right now. Today, he is ruling all over Bollywood. While other stars are delaying the release of a film, Akshay is releasing 3-4 movies in a row.

He is one of the busiest actors in the industry. Akshay’s stardom continues to rise while other actors’ stardom is ebbing. He acted fluently in all types of roles. Sometimes he was seen acting in action films, sometimes he won the hearts of his female fans by acting in romantic films.

And at the same time, he is not able to make the fans laugh by doing comedy. Actors like Akshay are rare in Bollywood. This year saw him release one after the other, first with Bachchan Pandey then Akshay Kumar in Samrat Prithviraj. And his last released film was Rakshabandhan. He is also going to make a movie called Ramsethu in the upcoming time.

The article is in Bengali

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