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The sense of life, humanity, mutual respect is on the way to extinction today

The sense of life, humanity, mutual respect is on the way to extinction today
The sense of life, humanity, mutual respect is on the way to extinction today

Well, many people hesitate when asked about the meaning of life and humanity. Are we all aware of the meaning of life and humanity? How many degrees, occupying the biggest chair, holding a position as high as a mountain, does everyone have a sense of life, humanity and mutual respect or not?

Once upon a time, people did not have so many degrees, there were so many educated people in every house, few educated people moved the stick in the society. But at that time people had morals, humanity, sense of life. People were not so violent then. They used to suffer from each other’s problems.

But today these are at the bottom. Now many people can say why I am talking about the ship as a ginger dealer? In fact, those wise men who talk about the height of Everest rather than merit, are they able to introduce the new generation to the sense of life, humanity and mutual respect? What is the meaning of life in only being able to earn money? Mutual respect, morality, humanity are not something?

These days we don’t even have time to check the truth before blaming others because we are all too busy being selfish. Suppose, if you give your junior the respect he deserves, he will always keep you in the seat of honor, something many of us don’t. Every man has his own honor. But many of us are unwilling to accept it. We’re stuck in a bogus rule that those who are big deserve respect everywhere. But we know that mutual respect is a wonderful way to express a person’s personality and humanity. To tell the truth, the sense of life, humanity, mutual respect have become disabled in the society?

We don’t hesitate to do any kind of nefarious thing when we can’t keep a person quiet. There is no merit in belittling others. On the contrary, you are becoming smaller in front of others because you reveal the worst form of your inner self. Of course, people of this nature do not have such a headache. However, since I was young, my mother used to tell me to be patient. The fire of true talent, skill, ability can never be quenched.

You can be a boddha with a certificate from a big university, you are a very important profile person of a country, but you do not have humanity, the quality of evaluating people as people. So, although you are physically human, there is a lot of doubt about whether you are really human. Of course, a class will say, these morals, wise words are now imprisoned in the military or national museum. But believe me, at the end of the day, it feels really bad when I see innumerable inhumans wearing human clothes.

The sense of life, sense of humanity and sense of mutual respect have been trampled these days in the hustle and bustle that is going on among people to gain extra power and earn countless money. Subodh has indeed left not only the city, but the whole world.

Bangladesh Journal/KA

The article is in Bengali

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