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The people of the banks of Teesta are disorientated by the collapse

The people of the banks of Teesta are disorientated by the collapse
The people of the banks of Teesta are disorientated by the collapse

The people of Teesta Par are facing terrible destruction. In the last three days, the people of three villages of Bajra Union of Ulipur Upazila have lost more than 250 houses in the Teesta river.. A community clinic has been defunct, Two mosques, a temple, Eidgah ground, Bajra Paschimpara Dakhil Madrasa, Old Bajra Bazar and a private primary school. The victims took refuge in the open air. The victims reacted angrily that the upazila administration and public representatives did not stand by.

West Kalpani Bajra of Ulipur Bajra Union started breaking since last one month, In Kalpani Bajra and Satalskar villages. From Jazmiya’s house in the north to Rostam Maulvi’s house in the south is about twoBreakdown has started in the kilometer area. In the last three days, it has increasedt As a result of the severity of the collapse, about two and a half hundred houses, 5 hundred Bigha cropland, the plants, Educational institutions, the market, The mosque, the temple, The last possessions of the people including the Eidgah grounds have also been swallowed up by the river.

Mozammel Haque (65), son of Kalpani Bajra village, said, I have been hanging polythene in the open field for three days. Poor people have no place to go. Today, a resident of Bajra Bazar has given permission to build a house in the courtyard of his cousin Titu Mia’s house. In such a situation, no one has officially extended the hand of cooperation to the complaint. The chairman-members have only seen.

They have nothing to do. On the other hand, no inquiry was taken from the upazila administration despite getting the news of this terrible breakdown. Many of the distressed are inhumanely in the open desert in the rain. Ulipur Upazila Executive Officer Vipul Kumar said, The chairman and members of the union have been asked to list those affected by the breach as soon as possible. Cooperation will be started once the list is received. Kurigram Water Development Board Executive Engineer Abdullah Al Mamun said, Main river flow before last 20-25 yearswas in this area. Upstream of the villages, measures are taken to control the rivert The breakdown has started. We have reported the matter to higher authorities. Action will be taken soon.

The dam collapsed due to the severe erosion of the Sonatala river

own correspondent, Kalapara, He said from Patuakhali that half of the slope of the river site has disappeared in five spots. Three vent sluices do not have blocks with wing walls. The core of the sluice is in a state of disrepair. Dam broke in new spots. Due to the severe erosion of the Sonatala river, there is a fear of collapse of about one kilometer embankment of East Gayatala village..

Residents near this dam in Polder No. 46 of the Water Development Board visit the dilapidated dam at night.. Can’t sleep at night. to live, Uncertainty about farming. There is no end to their worries. Arif Hossain, Executive Engineer of Kalapara of the Vegetable Water Development Board, said that if steps are not taken to protect this embankment of Nilganj Union, which is the base of vegetables, one and a half thousand vegetables will be lost., They are planning to repair that dam. After getting the necessary allocation, start the emergency protection work.

The article is in Bengali

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