The government will import 5 lakh tons of wheat from Russia

The government will import 5 lakh tons of wheat from Russia
The government will import 5 lakh tons of wheat from Russia

Through the Ministry of Food, the government will import 500,000 tons of wheat from Russia at the G2G level at a cost of 21.5 million US dollars (two thousand 42.5 million taka). Simultaneously, 300,000 tons of parboiled and parboiled rice will be imported from India and Vietnam.

On Wednesday (August 31) noon, Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal chaired the Cabinet Committee on Government Procurement held virtually and approved three separate proposals in this regard.

At the end of the meeting, Additional Secretary of the Cabinet Division. Abdul Barik said, if a total of 15 proposals including the proposals raised on the table were presented in today’s purchase committee, all the proposals were approved.

The Additional Secretary said, among the proposals raised on the table, the proposal to import five lakh tonnes of wheat from Russia at G2G level under the Ministry of Food. The price of wheat per kg has been fixed at Tk 40.85. A Russian company is recommended. The total cost will be 2 thousand 42 crore 50 lakh taka.

When asked in which currency it will be purchased, he said, the amount of money has been given in our proposal. There was no discussion on which currency to buy in the meeting. But will be bought in dollars. Accordingly, 21 crore 50 million US dollars. 95 rupees per dollar. 430 USD per ton.

Other proposals approved in the meeting are:

A proposal to import one lakh tonnes of non-basmati parboiled rice from India at G2G level has been approved. It will cost 417 crore five lakh taka. 70 thousand tons of rice will come through the port. As a result, the price of rice will be Rs 42.13 per kg. 30 thousand tons will come through the land lot. 40.70 per kg. And the price of each ton will be 443.50 US dollars

Besides, the proposal to import 200,000 tons of Thai non-basmati rice and 30,000 tons of Atap rice from India at G2G level from Vietnam has been approved. Two lakh 30 thousand tons together. The purchase price of non-basmati rice is Rs 49.495 per kg and atap rice is Rs 46.93 per kg. The recommended bidder is the Central Government Consumer Corporation Society of India Ltd. Delhi to be procured from. Non-basmati USD 521 per ton. 30 thousand tons of Atap rice is 494 US dollars per ton. A total of one crore 28 lakh 50 thousand US dollars. A total of 230,000 tons of rice will cost 11.9 million 20 thousand US dollars. One thousand 130 crore 69 Taka in Bangla Taka.

After the start of war between Ukraine and Russia, Bangladesh, like other countries in the world, faced a crisis in importing wheat. Meanwhile, the crisis intensified last May when India, the largest supplier of wheat to Bangladesh, stopped exporting.

Salman F. Rahman, adviser on private industry and investment to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh confirmed to a British press that Bangladesh is buying food grains and fertilizers from Russia. However, he did not give any detailed information about this. He said, we can import food grains and fertilizers from Russia with dollars through 24 banks of the world, there is no ban on such imports.

It is reported that at the beginning of this year, the stocks were the lowest in the last three years. After India decided to freeze exports, Bangladesh was trying to increase its stock through international tenders. But some tenders had to be canceled due to instability in the global market.

After the start of the Kremlin’s operation in Ukraine last February 24, the import of goods from Russia is stopped. The United States has imposed various sanctions on Russia, including banking transactions. As a result, issues like opening of credit, guaranteeing shipment of goods were pending. In addition to this, due to the ban, there has been a deadlock with the type of transaction. Shipping in the Black Sea was not yet safe. However, the United States recently lifted the ban on Russian agricultural and food imports.


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