BNP has a golden history

BNP has a golden history
BNP has a golden history

43 years ago today, Ziaur Rahman, who came to politics from the army due to a historical necessity and inevitable reality, founded the Bangladesh Nationalist Party BNP. He accepted as the principle of this party genuine faith in Almighty Allah, Bangladeshi nationalism, democracy and social justice. Determined 19-point program for the party. Since then, BNP is a popular and popular political party. The party has achieved perfection today with the labor, talent, sweat and love of the leaders, activists, supporters and well-wishers.

In the history of Bangladesh, government has been formed five times under the leadership of BNP. Apart from that, BNP has re-established democracy in Bangladesh, giving all political parties the right to do politics; In that opportunity, the oldest political party of Bangladesh, Awami League, also got the right to do politics. BNP gave freedom of press in Bangladesh. Closed newspapers opened. The media of Bangladesh has developed with the help of BNP. BNP established parliamentary democracy in Bangladesh. A non-partisan caretaker government has been established for fair and impartial elections. So BNP has a golden history politically.

Basically the leadership is considered as the driving force of the political party. BNP is a political party that has played an extraordinary role in the history of modern Bangladesh. Just as time has helped BNP, BNP has also used time for the benefit of the country. BNP has had to go through some transitional periods in our national history and BNP has done it successfully. By pursuing contemporary economic policy and independent foreign policy, recognizing the religious values ​​of the majority of people in politics, promoting territorial-centric national identity and the philosophy of nationalism, BNP is able to create a circle or platform in politics, which brings qualitative changes in our national politics.

The main spirit of BNP’s politics is ‘Bangladeshi Nationalism’. Martyred President Ziaur Rahman introduced the concept of Bangladeshi nationalism to present the individuality and identity mixed with ethnographic and ideological consciousness to the world. It has shaken the sense of history, feelings and beliefs of the majority of the people of Bangladesh and continues to do so. Therefore, billions of people of Bangladesh are steadfast in favor of ‘Bangladeshi nationalism’.

Nationalism is formed through combination of religion, language, history-tradition, culture and economy etc. and geocentricity is its main motivation and strength. People of various religions including Hindu-Muslim, Buddhist-Christian live in Bangladesh. There is also a variety of languages ​​here. Bengali, Chakma, Marma, Urdu and many other ethnic groups live in the territory of Bangladesh. In that sense they are all Bangladeshis. This is where everyone’s national identity and national interests lie. Through this a clear framework of our nationhood has been established, which we have historically held. For this reason, it can be said that BNP was born out of historical necessity.

Zia had a clear vision and plan for Bangladesh. For this purpose, he gave priority to three sectors. And these three sectors are agriculture, manpower and garment industry. Zia took initiatives to improve relations with Middle East and European-American countries to utilize manpower and develop industry. According to his statesmanlike foreign policy and plan and vision, the doors of trade and commerce of Bangladesh with the Middle East and Europe-America, known as the source of economy, were opened. Sending manpower to the Middle East and exporting clothes made in Europe-America began. In continuation of this, garment industry and export of manpower have emerged as the heart of the economy of Bangladesh today. Because of these two sectors, Bangladesh’s foreign exchange reserves have grown and are gaining record. Without improving relations with Europe-America and the Middle East, this would not have been possible. Because 90 percent of Bangladesh’s export income comes from America and Europe.

In 1977, Bangladesh entered the world labor market through the export of manpower to Saudi Arabia. After that, Bangladesh’s manpower market began to expand to different countries of the Middle East and Europe-America. Currently, this sector is the heart of the economy of Bangladesh. About 1 crore Bangladeshis are working in different countries of the world. Here too a clear plan and vision worked. There is no way it would have gotten this far without the vision. Here too, BNP’s achievements are huge. If BNP is not in power, the labor market of Bangladesh will be dark. Stopped sending workers to the Middle East. The same is happening now. Bangladesh’s labor market is tight today. Sending workers to the Middle East has almost stopped.

Zia announced a ’19-point programme’ to build a self-reliant country and bring economic freedom to people’s lives. It is one of the pillars of BNP politics. Zia spread this program through the BNP in the fields and on the roads and in the countryside. Our own unique form of agrarian civilization and economy emerged through Zia’s 19-point programme. He walked village after village, mile after mile. took up the spade in his own hand, dug the canal; With the touch of his two hands, the fields were filled with crops, the agricultural revolution took place. The country that got the title of bottomless basket became a country full of flowers and fruits, people became action-oriented people, social leadership was created in villages. Zia’s 19-point program to build self-reliant villages and self-reliant countries has been and will continue to be an inevitable guide in the history of Bangladesh politics.

Ziaur Rahman has left behind a golden history for BNP. His ideals, honesty, initiative and thinking are united in our national life. Zia had all the qualities of making the nation great. He inspired people to do great things. His thoughts were far-reaching. Zia’s ideals and vision should be taught to the leaders and workers of BNP. It must be remembered that BNP is not only a political party, it is also a political school, to know, recognize and love the state; BNP should go deeper into politics. Zia did not give birth to this party just to get to power, in the light of this, nation building, making sacrifices, hardworking and skilled people and making people politically aware is also one of the goals of BNP.

Those who were once in the forefront of industry in the world, are the ones who rule the world today; Those who are ahead in information technology today will rule the world in the future. Those who lag behind in information technology will have no superiority anywhere. They will inevitably fall out of the mainstream of politics and economics. So BNP should dominate the media. Smart organizers should be given opportunities to work in the media. Although successful in building the country, BNP has always remained indifferent to its own party. BNP has been given enough time and opportunity to develop it as a professional political party, but BNP has not been able to utilize it. BNP could have been made into a strong political party by organizationally utilizing the militant image of the anti-Ershad movement. BNP could not use the opportunity of the fighting soldiers who led the streets of that time.

These organizers have fallen out of politics and become inactive. BNP could have used them in the work of the party and the country, making them a competent and popular politician and organizer. But has BNP managed to do that even after being in power for almost 15 years? BNP has managed to produce some ministers-MPs and opportunistic people- who have done nothing for BNP. That is why BNP feels helpless today, BNP has no control anywhere in the state; As much as Awami League has. So, BNP has given many things to many people but who gave what to BNP – that is the question for the top leadership of BNP today.

At this stage, it is evident that the leaders and workers of Trinamool are the life force of BNP. Their enthusiasm, courage, concentration and loyalty to the party has made BNP stand as a political party. The leaders and activists of Trinamool have endured unprecedented repression, persecution and assault cases and have kept the party going. Virtually for a long time they have been facing adverse conditions, which are indescribable. Many have given their lives and become crippled while fighting for their rights; They have lost their means of livelihood, and many people are living a life of isolation from their families. It is absolutely necessary to extend the hand of help and cooperation of the central leadership of BNP to them. Provision should be made to provide financial assistance to those who are economically weakened, including litigation and medical expenses, so as to increase their strength and courage; So that they can play a necessary role in the fight for the rights of the future.

BNP is a unique creation of Shahid Zia. BNP has overcome all obstacles and reached the highest point of success. BNP and Zia became one and the same entity. Zia’s main achievement is the combination of popularity and great creativity. Just as history has drawn Zia and BNP closer, Xia has also created history beyond the existence of individuals. The place where Zia has come across poverty, political crisis, socio-economic storm is no less thrilling than conquering the world. Through philosophy, organizational thought, political-cultural thought, agriculture, art thought, Zia has left the signature of his multi-dimensional talent and achievements. So BNP founded by Zia has taken place in the golden pages of history.

Author: Columnist and political analyst
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