BNP could never be a political party: Khairuzzaman Liton

BNP could never be a political party: Khairuzzaman Liton
BNP could never be a political party: Khairuzzaman Liton

BNP’s 44th foundation anniversary is September 1. 21 August grenade attack, support to terrorism, 10 truck arms case, championing corruption one after another, absence of political program related to public interest etc. BNP’s politics is now at the bottom. Apart from this, BNP was under criticism due to its ties with Jamaat-e-Islam, a political party accused of crimes against humanity.

What is the political ideology of BNP? How acceptable is BNP as a party, how does the ruling Awami League view BNP’s politics? AHM Khairuzzaman Liton- In its interview. Interviewed him Sarabangla Joint News Editor Kabir Alamgir.

BNP 44th foundation anniversary on September 1. How to evaluate their politics?

The faces are old. Their ideological position was also never clear. They could not return to mainstream politics by uniting with the anti-independence forces. I am talking about BNP. Does Mirza Fakhrul look at his own face in the mirror? Very fond of ‘mirror’! The tradition of ‘mirror’ is your hand. How much more to play? You can’t win. Look at your face in the mirror, what is the political history of BNP? Shame on you.

Khaleda Zia is sentenced, Tariq Rahman Ferrari – in this situation, Fakhrul is active…

When I see Mirza Fakhrul, he sometimes sheds tears and nose water and wants to dress up as a good person. To be an honest political entity, one has to have personal or group thinking to save the interests of the people of the country. To Fakhrul, if you can do this, people will cry for you. You think for people – will cry to prove it. Why are you crying now with tears and nosebleeds? People laugh at it. So you have to have the ability to cry. Who do you cry for? Begum Zia’s luxury life is slightly disrupted? Tarek Rahman cries that he is not able to play tricks with the Bangladesh state by opening another wind farm?

I am warning Mirza Fakhrul to stay away from group political criticism. No problem. But don’t go to say anything about Sheikh Hasina. You didn’t have such a big face. Working, doing. A person like Tariq Rahman, who works for him, cannot claim himself as an honest political entity anyway. You have no right to say anything to the Awami League president considering that there is something called debt and burden.

BNP claims they are a ‘nationalist’ party. Is it really so? What is their type of nationalism?

Nationalism is a deep word. It is a matter of perception, a matter of living, above all a matter of faith. They say nationalism in mouth, but it has no touch in living. What is the nature of the so-called nationalism of BNP, what are its forms; I am sure none of the BNP leaders have any idea about this. They float in the wind and wave the lantern of imagination. We have to look back a little – the alleged founder of this party, Ziaur Rahman, was the mastermind behind the assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib. Zia should be said to be the founder. Zia was able to make BNP platform for Moshiur Rahman Jadu Miad. This Jadu Mia was a follower of Maulana Bhasani. After abolishing NAP, Jadu Mia also gave the election symbol of paddy to BNP. BNP never had anything of its own. Not even today. It is a group of mercenaries. They kill, they want power anyway rather than being bad rulers.

On August 21, they bombed 64 districts in one day, they killed respected politicians of Awami League. Who did not kill them? They killed our Shah MS Kibria, Ahsanullah Master, Manjurul Imam or Mumtaz Sahib. Now they want to kill Sheikh Hasina, the best Bengali woman of a thousand years. Why should our great leaders fear and say, ‘They will strike again!’ Why? I would say that BNP is never a party of nationalism, they are a party of terrorism and militancy.

BNP is not nationalist, then what is the ideology of Khaleda Zia?

Ziaur Rahman’s wife Begum Zia also did not hold any political ideology. He also could not be a nationalist. He continues to maintain the continuity of Zia’s character by being a Jamaatist. Ziaur Rahman sheltered the killers of Bangabandhu, gave them royal privileges. Like Zia, Khaleda Zia also sheltered the Razakars. Khaleda Zia has worked in the rise of fundamentalist forces in the country. So BNP could never become a political party.

Who is the leader of this party? We don’t know. The one they claim to be the leader only orders murder. Since August 21, 2004, this notorious boy is still doing conspiratorial work. BNP is a party of impotents. In 16 years they could not get a leader out of the party. They always look for back alleys to come to power. But the political reality of Bangladesh is not like that now. There have been many pot-changes. I want to say clearly, you can’t come to power through the back roads. He wants to kill our law enforcement people. Warning, vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated.

What should Awami League do against BNP’s practice of ‘terrorism’?

I want to say that the grass roots political workers across the country should come to the Maidan to guard the streets. The alleged founding anniversary of that BNP is September 1. From the beginning of the new month, the party of Bangladesh, the party of the people, the party of the liberation war, Awami League, should have the right to have the road. Whose interests do they want to save without going to the people? Have they ever done politics to protect the public interest? Zia killed the military officers and kept his masnad. Being a murderer, he became political with the identified murderers of Bangabandhu.

I will tell the Chhatra League, you should increase your education on Sheikh Hasina and make a play on her and sit on the streets. I will tell the Jubo League to write thousands of articles on the life cycle of Bangabandhu and Sheikh Hasina and hold meetings and seminars with professionals in every district and stay on the streets.

And the volunteer league has to guard. In some places of the police administration there are people of that political evil. So be careful. On the other hand, those who want to destroy the political stability of Bangladesh by creating some fronts by getting foreign money, they have to rebuke the so-called meetings with broken teeth.

Thank you for your time Sarabangla
Thank you too

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