‘What has Aritra done in his life to listen to him?’ In response, the actor washed Sudeepa

Banglahunt the desk: Sudipa Chatterjee faced controversies on the net every two days. He has been called ‘arrogant’ and ‘arrogant’ many times. His behavior with netizens has repeatedly put Sudeepa in danger. However, this time he has exceeded the level by disrespecting the food delivery age. Netizens are also not leaving any opportunity to hear Sudeepa.

Not only netizens, many stars of the entertainment industry have also opened their mouths against Sudeepa. An actor among them is Aritra Dutta Banik. Aritra who is very popular as a child artist is now also working in Mumbai. Sudeepa was directly criticized as an ‘arrogant mentality’ person on social media.

Sudeepa asked the question to Palta Sangam, “Who is Aritra? What did you do in life that you should listen to him? Does not know how to respect elders. We never had the courage to talk to the previous generation like this.” He also said, “As far as I know, when Aritri was young, when the traffic police stopped the car, his parents would say that Aritri was inside.”

Sudeepa did not stop here. He claims that Aritra is not doing anything now. So he wants to increase the activity of his page with his name. Needless to say, Aritra did not keep his mouth shut after Sudeepa’s accusations. Rather, Palta has silenced Sudeepa with a worthy reply to each demand and complaint.

The actor gave a video message on his page. There he said that Sudeepa not only attacked him, but also dragged his parents. Sudeepa claimed that Aritra’s parents took advantage of the traffic police when she was a child.

Aritra is clear, he did not say anything bad to Sudeepa or her family. The mentality is said to come out of the egoistic mentality. After that, Aritra said that his father is the Accounts Auditor of the Central Government. So the success of his son’s acting has nothing to do with his father, at least financially.

Not only that, Sudeepa has now started a new saree business. But Aritra’s mother owns a 25-year-old saree shop since before her marriage. They have a dance company. Aritra’s grandfather, Meso is associated with the Indian Statistical Institute, my uncle is also the medical in-charge there. So Aritra clearly stated that at least his family is not dependent on his earnings.

Aritra has also informed that he has much earning power with his educational qualifications. It is better not to comment on someone’s social status without knowing about it, said Aritra to Sudeepa. Also, in response to Sudeepa’s comment about ‘getting publicity by breaking your name’, Aritra said that he has recently worked in a Hindi web series called ‘Crash Course’. He also has a lot of work to do. He is not unemployed.

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