‘China will bring more welfare to the world’

‘China will bring more welfare to the world’
‘China will bring more welfare to the world’

Dhaka Tribune’s Prabir Kumar Sarkar spoke to Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Ziming. Read today the fifth part of this special conversation of theirs in five episodes-

In today’s episode, Ambassador Li Ziming discussed the importance of Taiwan to China and warned the US of escalating aggression in the region, warning that if the US does not rein in the Taiwan issue, there will be a strong response from China.

Dhaka Tribune: Bangladesh has reiterated its support for China’s sovereignty and the “One China Policy” in addition to strengthening cooperation in infrastructure development, trade facilitation, disaster prevention and mitigation, culture and tourism and maritime issues, how do you think other countries might respond?

Li Ziming: The “One China Policy” follows the foundation of China’s original policy, which builds diplomatic relations with other countries. We applaud the Government of Bangladesh, along with over 170 other countries, for reaffirming their commitment to the “One China Policy” following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s provocative visit to China’s Taiwan region recently.

Intensive and practical support is a reflection of our strategic partnership of mutual cooperation. As independent sovereign states, both Bangladesh and China enjoy the freedom to develop foreign relations without outside interference. The principle of non-intervention is important in the development of contemporary international relations. No state has the right to rule over another.

Dhaka Tribune: Is the world facing a worse future due to rising geopolitical tensions?

Li Ziming: The world is still dealing with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and at the same time is suffering from armed conflict due to the irresponsible actions of some countries.

Imposition of embargo hurts developing countries a lot. Bangladesh is also among the victims.

By practicing small circle diplomacy and bringing back the mentality of war, some western countries are destroying peace and stability around the world.

If they don’t change course, the future of the world will be destroyed.

As a responsible country, China does its best to provide maximum security and stability to the world. China’s rise has benefited the world in the past few decades and will bring more benefits in the coming days. We call on all parties to remain committed to true multilateralism and work together to address common global issues.

Dhaka Tribune: The US has said it does not want a crisis and that China should take full responsibility for the current escalation of tensions in the Taiwan Strait. They accused China’s military drills of a harsh response and the US would be forced to retaliate if China continued them. What is your opinion about this?

Li Ziming: Taiwan has been an integral part of Chinese territory for over 1,800 years. In 1943, the leaders of China, the United States, and Britain issued the Cairo Declaration, which clearly stated that Japan must return to China all territories it had stolen from China (such as Taiwan). The Potsdam Declaration of 1945 confirmed that the terms of the Cairo Declaration would come into force. UN General Assembly Resolution 2758 passed in 1971 recognized that representatives of the Government of the People’s Republic of China are the only legitimate representatives of China at the United Nations. The joint negotiations between the United States and China recognize that the Government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal government of China.

But the US has unilaterally fueled the current crisis. Despite China’s high representation, the US has allowed its House of Representatives Speaker and third-ranking official of the US government, Nancy Pelosi, to visit Taiwan, which is a major development in US-Taiwan relations and sends a very wrong signal to separatist forces seeking “Taiwan independence”. There is no way but to fight against China. The responsibility and consequences of the current tensions rest with the United States and separatist forces seeking “Taiwan independence”.

When assessing whether China is “overreacting” it would be good to assess what China is responding to and whether China should respond with a firmer stance.

Who is using Taiwan to stop China? Who is distorting the one-China policy? Who is betraying his own promises by increasing government interaction with Taiwan and selling lethal weapons to separatists seeking “Taiwan independence”? The answer to all questions is the same, the United States.

Read the first four episodes of this interview:

Taiwan is part of China’s territory, it is our border. We will not sit idly by in the face of continued provocations by the United States. Valid and necessary feedback should be reported to us. The Chinese armed forces conducted military exercises in the waters off Taiwan Island to protect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Our system is open and proportionate. Our armed forces are in compliance with domestic law and practice international law. There is no condemnation about them.

As our Bangladeshi friends have made clear, the world, including Bangladesh, has been hit hard by the pandemic, conflict and sanctions. The world does not want to see another conflict.

Now the ball is on the US side. If the United States wants to reduce tensions, it will follow the one-China policy and the basis of the three Sino-US joint immunities, and strictly adhere to its leader’s “five-point” commitment.

China will react harshly if the US tries to get out of this blunder and confuse the situation.

The article is in Bengali

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