Old man thrown on road with baton, police vs leftist fight in bloody East Burdwan


First Published Aug 31, 2022, 8:28 PM IST

East Burdwan District CPI(M)’s call to the District Magistrate’s law disobedience program. The area became a battlefield around this program on Wednesday. The program started with two big gatherings on this day. Party leaders and workers participated in two meetings at Baranilpur junction and station.

The party’s Politburo member Mah. Two processions converged at Curzongate from both ends of the city. A large number of party supporters gathered in front of the MLA Support Centre. When the police stopped them, a massive skirmish started with the police. Both the police and leftist groups are seen wielding batons.

The police started firing tear gas at the participants of the left march, the supporters of the other party also started throwing brickbats at the police, the situation in the area became increasingly heated. Many people were injured by police batons. Raf was forced to take down the situation.

On this day, Mohammad Salim said, “If there is a robbery, if there is a rape, the police of this state cannot be found. In 1959, thousands of people gathered to demand food. The police killed 84 people by beating them with sticks. Every year we remember the martyrs of this fight. This is a fight for life. Once everything was banned, the hooligan police could not stop us. Shuvendu Adhikari is no less corrupt. The Chief Minister has listed the names. Hitler thought the red flag was over. Hitler, Mussolini all erased.

The leftist leader further said, “People have taken to the streets to demand that the truth be spoken loudly, and that the thieves be caught. In all districts. As much as the world bangs the cover of Bangladesh, that cover is broken. Why the unemployed will not get work, why the laborers will not get proper wages. Red has gone, but the state has not survived. Today the red flag is again on the streets to save the state. Catch thieves and put them in jail, is it the work of students and youth? Isn’t it the job of the police? The police guard the goods of thieves here. This fight is to wake up the police. We want justice even if Anis is killed, we want justice even if police is killed. BJP thieves are no different. I want justice for the two thieves.”

Salim gave a short speech on this day. After that, two processions of left supporters started from the station and Nilpur and came in front of the District Collector’s office. A large police force was deployed in the entire area since noon.

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