Accident | 14 injured due to an accident at Dhupguri dgtld

14 people were injured in a head-on collision between two vehicles. This incident happened on Wednesday afternoon at Dhupguri in Jalpaiguri. A passenger bus collided head-on with an oil tanker near Jhumur on the Dhupaguri-Mainaguri road on the Asian Highway. The injured were rescued and taken to Dhupaguri Rural Hospital.

According to local sources, a passenger bus was going from Jalpaiguri towards Birpara. At that time an oil tanker was coming from the opposite direction in the area adjacent to Jhumur. The passenger bus collided head-on with the tanker as it climbed over the Jhumur bridge. The passenger bus and the front of the oil tanker were crushed in the incident. The passengers of the bus were thrown from their seats due to the impact of the head-on collision. Local residents rushed to the loud noise of the accident. Dhupaguri fire brigade reached the spot after getting information. Firefighters rescued the injured and admitted them to Dhupaguri Rural Hospital. After receiving the information, Dhupaguri police went to the spot. Local residents protested by surrounding the police. Due to the accident, traffic was stopped on the road for some time. The police of Dhupaguri police station went and took away the two accident vehicles. After that, traffic returned to normal. Most of the injured were discharged after first aid. However, a few people are still undergoing treatment at Dhupaguri Hospital.

Shefali Roy, a passenger of the bus that suffered the accident, said, “We were sitting together. Suddenly there is a loud noise. Before understanding anything, everyone jumped and fell in front of the car. Accidents happen before you know it. Almost everyone is injured. The accident took place while overtaking a speeding pickup van.

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In the words of an eyewitness named Abdul Latif, “Big holes have been formed in Jhumur Bridge. And right in his face is the diversion. Normally, while passing other vehicles, sometimes such accidents happen.”

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