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Death sentence of 7 people in three murder cases: Life 8

Death sentence of 7 people in three murder cases: Life 8
Death sentence of 7 people in three murder cases: Life 8

The court ordered seven people to be hanged in three separate murder cases in Cox’s Bazar, Rangpur and Magura. Among them, four were sentenced to death for the murder of Cox’s Bazar students, two for the murder of an auto driver in Rangpur and one for the murder of a student in Magura. Eight more people have been sentenced to life imprisonment in these three cases.

4 people sentenced to death in Cox’s Bazar Faisal murder case, 2 life sentences
Cox’s Bazar Office said that the Sessions Judge Court sentenced four people to death and two to life imprisonment in the sensational Zia Uddin Faisal murder case of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila.
The accused are- Rezaul Karim Prakash Buillani (20), son of Nuruchchafa of East Machuakhali village of PMkhali Union of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila, Nurul Haque (22), son of deceased Aman Ullah, Ramzan Ali (24), son of deceased Achiur Rahman and Rubel, son of Md Ishaq. (20). The convicts who were sentenced to life are – Shaheen Uddin (19) son of Nurul Abchar and Moni Alam (19) son of Dudu Mia from the same area. Each of those sentenced to life imprisonment has been fined 50 thousand rupees. Senior District and Sessions Judge of Cox’s Bazar Mohammad Ismail announced this verdict yesterday morning.
Administrative Officer of Cox’s Bazar District and Sessions Judge Court SM Abbas Uddin informed this information. Zia Uddin, a fifth semester student of law department of Cox’s Bazar International University, son of Md. Nurul Anwar of East Machuakhali village of PMkhali Union of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila, used to protest and stop the sale of drugs in his area. The drug dealers were enraged by this and on April 16, 2016, around 8 pm, the drug dealers organized an armed attack on Zia Uddin Faisal on the north side of East Machuakhali Jame Masjid of PMkhali Union. When Zia Uddin Faisal was seriously injured in this attack, he was rescued from the scene and taken to Cox’s Bazar District Sadar Hospital. There the doctor declared Zia Uddin Faisal dead.
In this incident, Zia Uddin Faisal’s father Md. Nurul Anwar filed a murder case at Cox’s Bazar Sadar Model Police Station accusing 9 people under Section 302/34 of the Criminal Penal Code.
Trial and verdict: Advocate Faridul Alam, who is handling the case for the PP and the state side of the Cox’s Bazar District and Sessions Judge’s Court, said that after investigating the murder case, the Investigating Officer (IO), the then SI of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Model Police Station, Qutub Uddin Khan filed a charge sheet in the court on July 4, 2017. The case was framed on March 1, 2018. Six of the 9 accused in the charge sheet were initially convicted.
Senior District and Sessions Judge of Cox’s Bazar, Mohammad Ismail, completed all the trial processes including taking the testimony of 12 witnesses, cross-examination of the witnesses on behalf of the accused, autopsy report, forensic report, review of the forensic examination report, display of evidence, opportunity for the defense of the accused, arguments, and convicted the convicted accused yesterday. Wednesday gave the above sentence.
Regarding the verdict, PP Advocate Faridul Alam said that the state party has been able to present everything necessary for the trial, including the witnesses and evidence of the case. As a result, the learned judge was able to pronounce the judgment in the case at the earliest. The state party expressed satisfaction with this verdict.

2 people hanged in Rangpur auto driver murder case
According to the Rangpur office, the court has ordered two people to be hanged in the case of the murder of an auto rickshaw driver in Gangachra, Rangpur. Judge Tariq Hossain of Additional District and Sessions Judge Court-2 of Rangpur gave this order on Wednesday afternoon.
Lawyer Naynur Rahman Tofi, who is handling the case on behalf of the government, said that on August 24, 2016, four persons hired an auto rickshaw belonging to Abdul Haque of Nekirhat village in Taraganj upazila of Rangpur and went to Khaleya in Gangachara upazila on August 24, 2016. An auto rickshaw driver, Abul Kalam Azad, was taken to the paddy field at gunpoint near Dr. Noor Alam’s house, shot and killed, and robbed the auto rickshaw. Mokhles Begum, the mother of auto driver Abul Kalam Azad, who was killed in this incident, filed a murder case at Gangachara police station. While investigating the case, the police arrested Safiqul Islam and Saiful Islam, two sons of Mofizul Islam of Gokalpur Dhanipara village of Sadar Upazila of Rangpur.
In the initial interrogation of the police, the two accused confessed to killing the auto driver and stealing the auto. Later, both of them gave their confessional statement under section 164 in the court. After the testimony and interrogation of 16 witnesses in the case, two brothers Safiqul Islam and Saiful Islam were found guilty and ordered to be hanged.
He also said that the court announced the verdict in their absence as the two accused were absconding on bail after their arrest.
Alauddin Alamgir, the lawyer for the accused, said that he is not satisfied with the verdict and will appeal to the High Court.

1 hanged 6 life in Pavel murder case in Magura
Magura Correspondent said, Magura’s Additional District and Sessions Judge Farzana Yasmin sentenced neighboring freedom fighter Salim Azad to death and life imprisonment to six people including his wife and mother-in-law in the murder case of Mehdi Hasan Pavel, a popular polytechnic student of Maulvi Joka village in Mohammadpur, Magura.
According to the details of the case, on the night of August 26, 2012, the convicts in a love dispute called Mehedi Hasan Pavel, son of the plaintiff Rezaur Rahman Riju, from his house and strangled him to death. In this incident, a murder case was filed against the neighboring freedom fighter Salim Azad, his wife Ruma Parveen, minor daughter Lima Khatun, father-in-law Abir Hossain, mother-in-law Momena Khatun, brother-in-law Sahidur Rahman, Zakir Hossain and Khalid Hasan at Mohammadpur police station.
After the investigation of the case, the police submitted the charge sheet to the court and on the basis of the evidence, the Additional District and Sessions Judge of Magura announced the verdict on Wednesday afternoon. Except Abir Hussain, others were present in the court when the verdict was announced and they broke down in tears after hearing the verdict.
Public Counsel (PP) Kazi Eskender Azam Bablu said that freedom fighter Salim Azad was hanged and six members of his family, including his wife and in-laws, were sentenced to life imprisonment and fined Tk 10,000 each. As the accused, Lima Khatun, is a minor, her verdict will be announced in the Children’s Tribunal on Thursday.
Defendant’s lawyer Roknuzzaman Khan informed that he will appeal against the verdict and said that the court gave this verdict even though no direct evidence was found in the case on which the plaintiff filed the case. We will appeal against this judgment in the high court, hoping to get justice in the high court.

The article is in Bengali

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