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Motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accident
Motorcycle accident

People are constantly losing their lives in road accidents in the country. Every day the news is published in a special section of the newspaper. Seven people lost their lives in road accidents in six districts of the country on Tuesday. Three of them died in motorcycle accidents. One of the victims is a student of Barendra University in Rajshahi. Besides, a motorcycle rider was killed in a head-on collision between a bus and a motorcycle at Shivpur on the Pirojpur-Bagerhat highway. In the picture published in Yugantar, it can be seen that the motorcycle broke the front part of the bus and entered its floor. Meanwhile, an engineer lost his life in a motorcycle accident in Sherpur city. These data show that a large part of the accidents on the roads and highways are motorcycle accidents. According to observation of Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association, 417 people were killed in road accidents in September, of which 172 people lost their lives in motorcycle accidents. This is about 43 percent of the total deaths.

The main causes of motorcycle accidents include reckless driving, over speeding, disobeying the law and lack of proper driver training. This trend is more visible in the capital Dhaka. Observations have shown that motorcyclists frequently change lanes and sometimes even ride bikes onto the pavement. That is, the main cause of motorcycle accidents is recklessness of drivers. For this reason motorcyclists need to be informed about traffic laws along with providing them with institutional training. What is most important is the monitoring of law enforcement agencies. There should be a system to stop the driver if he is driving the motorcycle at reckless speed. A major cause of death in motorcycle accidents is not having a helmet or using a low-quality helmet. Therefore, not only in the city, but also in rural areas, drivers and passengers should ensure the use of good quality helmets. There is no separate lane on the road for motorcycling. As a result, the driver is seen driving the motorcycle erratically. It has become necessary to have a separate lane for motorcycles. There is no doubt that the number of accidents will be significantly reduced if we can stop riding motorcycles at reckless speeds. So motorcyclists also need motivation. And after that within the family. We believe that if other family members can teach the motorcyclist member to ride carefully, it will go a long way in preventing accidents.

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