Who will defeat the Awami League to power!

Who will defeat the Awami League to power!
Who will defeat the Awami League to power!

Who will defeat the Awami League to power!

Shamim Ahmed

Shamim Ahmed: Awami League has been in power for 15 consecutive years. After winning the election on January 7, their tenure will be 15 years plus. There are two sides to this situation. [১] Development continues. [২] Corruption also persists. No political party has the skills and ability to remove Awami League from power in the changing world politics. But a change in power is needed to remove the corrupt leaders and workers of Awami League and bring their thoughts and loyalty back to the people only.

But who will defeat the Awami League and come to power? Jamaat, Jatiya Party, left-right-centre, defectors, Nobel laureates, no one can afford that. In such a situation, BNP can only come to power by defeating Awami League in the 2029 elections so that the seeds of corruption that have entered into Awami League cannot grow any more. But if BNP wants to come to power, they have to change their party openly. Since BNP has no cadres to do this, I have decided to write regularly in the coming days on how to bring BNP to power.

If BNP takes my advice, I am hopeful they can come back to power with public support in the next 5 years. This will be my small gift to BNP and the country as a junior Awami worker to ensure a democratic environment and effective functioning of opposition and government parties in the country. thank you Writer and researcher

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