Zayed Khan told the price of the watch


Zayed Khan told the price of the watch

Zayed Khan told the price of the watch

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Published: 21 November 2023, 02:33 pm



The popular actor Zayed Khan, who is famous for Dhakai film Digbaji, has said several times in an interview to various media that he has always had a weakness for clothes. Always likes to keep new clothes and fashion accessories in the collection.

In this regard, Zayed Khan’s opinion is that every person has addictions to different things. People may spend money there. He said, I am addicted to clothes. I spend the income from acting or various stage shows here. There is nothing negative about this.


Before this, the hero has come up for discussion several times by interviewing about clothes. In a recent video, he claimed that the price of the watch used on his hand was 26 lakhs. Zayed Khan made this comment about the watch in his hand mainly based on the promotion of a movie.

Zayed Khan posted a video on his social media Facebook account on Monday (November 20). Where he was seen in the campaign of producer Mustafa Saryar Faruqi’s ‘Something Like An Autobiography’. Apart from him there were some other actors.

In the video, it is seen that how to promote the name of the movie to the audience, the responsibility of the actor Marjuq Russel, who is sitting next to him, is given by the director Farooqui. Director-actor Ashutosh Sujan has given the responsibility to make the name of Marjuk Russell movie viral. Then Sujan asked actor Naseeruddin Khan to take this responsibility. Then Nasiruddin claimed himself as the child of Viral and referred to Viral’s father and gave this responsibility to actor Shahriar Nazim Joy.

Then Joy said, Viral’s grandfather is Zayed Khan, he is the one who can make the name of this movie viral. Then addressing Zayed, he asks if this Punjabi can give a digbaji later. Then he opened the watch in his hand and gave it to Joy. Said Rolex Rolex (watch brand name)! be careful At this time, Joy wants to know the price of the watch. In response, Zayed Khan said, 26 lakh taka!

After that, actor Zayed sat down on the stand of the helicopter that had landed with two digbajis. Then he said, keep an eye on Charki on November 30 to see ‘Something Like an Autobiography’.

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