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Today is Terashri Day

Today is Terashri Day
Today is Terashri Day

Today is Terashri Day

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Terashri Genocide Day of Manikganj’s Gheor today is Wednesday (November 22). On this day in 1971, Pakistan Army with the help of Razakar, Albadar Alsams forces burnt the then zamindar Siddheshri Prasad Roy Chowdhury of Terashri village and brutally killed 43 villagers including principal Atiyar Rahman. Then the Awami League government built a beautiful memorial there in 2009 in memory of the martyr. But even after 52 years of the country’s independence, the barbaric hellish killings have not been properly judged.

The freedom fighters said that on November 21, 1971, the Pak-invader forces held a secret meeting in Senpara Kalibari field of Terashri village along with the Pakistani brokers of the country. Then, just before sunrise on 22 November, they attacked the Konkan in the early hours of winter and massacred the innocent people and burned down the houses of the sleeping innocent people. In just 6 hours of attack, 43 villagers including Zamindar Siddeshree Prasad Roy Chowdhury and Principal Atiyar Rahman were brutally killed by shooting, burning and gunshot wounds. In just a few hours, Terashri village was turned into hell by the Pak invaders.

The freedom fighters also said that the people of Terashri village were culturally minded. The center of left politics was the village of Terasree and during the freedom fighters Terasree had the largest concentration of freedom fighters. Because of this, during the war, the village was destroyed along with the people of the village through killings by the Pakistanis by listing the educationists, freedom fighters, language soldiers, politicians and social workers.

Heroic freedom fighter Tiger Lokman Hossain said that the people of Terashri village played a special role in every anti-national movement starting from the language movement and the great liberation war. After coming to power, the Awami League government tried the opponents of the independence of the country. But many natives are involved in Terashri’s barbaric infernal killings. Many of those involved are still alive, but have yet to be tried. He also demanded speedy trial of those involved.


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