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A mother in police station-court looking for rickshaw puller son


I have been looking for my son for two days. I have visited Khilgaon police station and DB office – nowhere to be found. When you go to the police station, go to DB. I don’t know what they said when I went to the DB office. No one knows, so who took my polladare? Who took the police car? A man from the rickshaw garage said the police dragged my son from the rickshaw. No opportunity to speak. The boy cried a lot, holding the leg of the police. Still didn’t leave. The police said that he had gone to the BNP procession. The police have pictures.

My son drives a rickshaw. No politics. When did the march?
The words were spoken by Anisha Khatun, the mother of the arrested rickshaw puller Shahadat Hossain from Khilgaon West Nandipara. Shahadat drives an autorickshaw. An employee of the rickshaw garage told Shahadat’s family that he was picked up in a DB car from Khilgaon West Nandipara area on November 19. Since then, the family has not been able to find Shahadat in various places. His mother Anisha came to the court yesterday. But the son was not found.

He said, how can we survive? The family runs on the son’s earnings. If you don’t go to work one day, there is no food in the house the next day. How will my family run?
He said, the boy has been suffering from fever for 7 days. Seeing that there is no money in the house, he was forced to take a rickshaw with his sick body. In the meantime, the police have assumed. Not found for 3 days now. I have been sitting in front of the toilet since morning without getting anywhere. The accused has been brought from Khilgaon. But I can’t find my son. He said, if you pay 1000 rupees, Garde will find it. I don’t have that money.

Like Shahadat, relatives of many others were seen roaming around the court’s gardakhana. Many of them said that the police or DB received information about their arrest from different areas. But did not know where it was kept.
A tea shopkeeper of Mirpur has been picked up in the identity of the law and order forces. His name is Nasir Hossain. He was a tea shopkeeper in Mirpur No. 2 area. The police picked him up from his tea shop on November 16. After that, the family did not find him for 3 days. No information has been given from Mirpur Model Police Station. Later he went to Keraniganj jail and found out that Nasir has been transferred to Kashimpur jail. The court granted Nasir’s 3-day remand. Nasir’s wife Jasmine Akhter said that after picking up the case papers from the court, he was given a case of sabotage. He went to the BNP procession. Police have that photo. The police saw the picture and arrested him. But my husband does not do any politics. Never went to any procession. It is written in the case papers that he is throwing bombs. Sabotage. Where to judge this injustice?

The article is in Bengali

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