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The family took the body to the police station demanding a case

The family took the body to the police station demanding a case
The family took the body to the police station demanding a case

A young college student’s body was found in Savar’s Ashulia and her family has brought the body to the police station demanding a murder case. The victim’s family complains that the police are doing various things without taking the case. Even the investigating officer misbehaved with many of them in front of the police station. This incident took place in front of Ashulia police station on Tuesday evening.
Deceased Riya Akhter (20) is the daughter of Monir Hossain of Ghazirachat area of ​​Ashulia. He is an HSC candidate of Savar Legend College.
Kaya Akhter, the sister of the deceased, said that a boy named Kaushar called my sister from home on Monday. Kauchar studied at Legend College with my sister. Perhaps my sister had a relationship with that boy. Later, Kauchar people called us and told us that Riya Enam is in the medical center. They left my sister on the floor and ran away. Later the doctor told us that Riya died yesterday afternoon. Since then we are in touch with SI Noor Khan to take up the murder case But he has been driving us around since yesterday without taking the case. I will collect the CCTV footage, I am investigating. I came to the police station today with the dead body.
Mahfuz Hasan, the driver of the microbus carrying the body said, I was standing in front of the police station with the body car. Suddenly SI Noor Khan came and misbehaved with me and asked me to leave quickly with the body. I did not expect such behavior from a policeman. I brought the body. What’s wrong with me?
A relative of the deceased, who did not want to be named, complained and said that SI Noor Khan came there in the evening after hearing that we were bringing the body to the police station. Then they abused our ambulance driver and asked him to take the body. He treated us badly and said, who gave us the idea to come to the police station with the body? He asked angrily about that too.
Ashulia police station sub-inspector (SI) Noor Mohammad Khan told reporters that the girl died after falling from the roof of a four-storey building. I am investigating. I am bringing CCTV footage. Journalists will not be able to collect it even in 14 years. I am doing PhD in Journalism. I do not give information to journalists. It will be a case, it was decided yesterday.
Ashulia police station officer-in-charge (OC) SM Kamruzzaman said that a case is being filed in this incident. I see the issue of misconduct with you.

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