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20 times anger killed Chhatra League worker, mother complained 4 hours ago

20 times anger killed Chhatra League worker, mother complained 4 hours ago
20 times anger killed Chhatra League worker, mother complained 4 hours ago

Chhatra League activist Arif Ahmad was killed. Photo: CollectedMother Ankhi Begum complained to the police station against the attackers after returning home after treating her injured son. Almost four hours after filing the case, his son Arif Ahmed (19), a Chhatra League activist, was hacked to death.

Forensic doctor says, total 23 injury marks were found on Arif’s body. 20 of them were sharp weapon injuries. He died of excessive bleeding.

Arif’s mother Ankhi Begum claimed that the former president of Sylhet District Chhatra League and local city councilor Hiron Mahmud Nipu and his people committed this murder because of filing a case.

The murder took place at Baluchar TV Gate area of ​​Sylhet city at around 12 o’clock on Monday. The deceased Chhatra League activist is the son of Ankhi Begum and Fatik Mia of TV Gate area of ​​Arif Nagar. He is a 12th class student of Sylhet State College. Arif Sylhet District Chhatra League’s current president Nazmul Islam was an active worker of the group.

He was buried at the Manikpir mound after the Janaza at the city’s TV Gate Jame Masjid premises after Asr prayers on Tuesday.

Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital Department Head and Assistant Professor of Forensic Medicine Dr. Md. Shamsul Islam told Ajker newspaper, ‘A total of 23 injury marks were found on the body of deceased Arif. Out of these 20 sharp weapon injuries, the remaining three are bluish wounds. He died of excessive bleeding.’

Arif’s mother Ankhi Begum told Ajker newspaper, ‘About 4 hours before the murder, I filed a case against 6 people for the previous attack. But because the police did not take any action, my son was killed by the same accused. My son was killed because of the negligence of the OC of Shahparan police station. We want exemplary peace for those involved in this incident.’

Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP) Shahparan (Rtd.) Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Abul Khair could not be reached as his official number used was switched off.

However, Arif’s mother Ankhi Begum confirmed the truth of the complaint, SMP Deputy Commissioner (South) Moha. Sohel Reza told Ajker newspaper, ‘Ankhi Begum filed a complaint at the police station on Monday around 9-10 pm regarding the attack on Arif who died on the 15th. Four hours later, the murder took place. Police should have taken immediate action. It was recorded on Tuesday morning without doing so. As the place of murder is under the airport police station, a case will be filed in that police station. All the rest are in Shahparan Thana area.’

When asked whether there was any negligence by the police, he said, ‘We will investigate the matter. Action will be taken according to the departmental rules if negligence is proved against any of the police.

Two people have been arrested in this incident, police said. SMP Deputy Commissioner (North-Media) Azbahar Ali Sheikh told Ajker newspaper that the incident was undesired. Those who are involved in this murder will be brought under the law. Two have already been arrested. Attempts are being made to arrest the rest. As of 7pm on Tuesday, no case had been filed in connection with the murder.

On Tuesday morning, the locals of Baluchar area said that there has been a dispute between the current president of the Baluchar Chhatra League Nazmul Islam and the former president of the Chhatra League Hiron Mahmud Nipur group regarding voting in the Sylhet City Corporation elections on June 21. A few rounds of counter chases and show of arms also took place. Due to this, on November 15, 10-12 people including Juned, Anach, Kudrat, Roni, Tofail, Hriday, Kala Mamun, Sharif, Helal and Sabuj Mia attacked Nipu group in front of the mosque in North Baluchar area. One finger of Arif’s hand was severed. Arif was injured by a round of sharp weapons.

Arif returned home last Monday after receiving treatment at Osmani Hospital. Ankhi Begum filed a complaint against the attackers at SMP’s Shahparan (Rh.) police station around 9:00 p.m. After 4 hours of returning home with the complaint, Arif was caught by Gowalichara walkway at TV Gate area and hacked to death. Arif’s mother and relatives took him to Osmani Hospital after getting the news. Arif died there under treatment.

A heart-wrenching picture was seen at Baluchar’s house. Mother Ankhi Begum is lamenting that her son would not have been killed if the police had taken action at night. “When Arif was taken to the hospital, he blamed Hiran Mahmood Nipoor for his attack,” he told Ajkar newspaper.

At that time, he claimed that his son was attacked under the leadership of Nipur. He went to the spot and saw Nipu along with his team.

After this incident, Hiran Mahmud called Nipur’s mobile phone several times from morning to 7 pm but it was switched off.

Meanwhile, District Chhatra League President Nazmul Islam, General Secretary Rahel Siraj, Metropolitan Chhatra League President Kishwar Jahan Sourav and General Secretary Naeem Ahmad rushed to the hospital at night to see the deceased Arif.

District Chhatra League President Nazmul Islam told Ajker newspaper, ‘I have no dispute with Hiron Mahmud Nipu Bhai regarding the election. I didn’t even choose. Those who voted against him in Baluchar area are now very helpless. Incidents of beating and torture are happening continuously. They are workers of District Chhatra League. The deceased Arif is also an active worker of Chhatra League. Arif was attacked four or five days ago by some known terrorists of the area. Arif’s mother filed a case at Shahparan police station last night regarding the attack on Arif. By doing this, they got angry and attacked at night.’

District Chhatra League general secretary Rahel Siraj told Ajker newspaper, ‘We are deeply shocked by the death of a Chhatra League worker. It cannot be interpreted as the pain of losing a brother. Every leader and worker of Sylhet District Chhatra League is with Arif’s family. We will do all kinds of cooperation.’

The article is in Bengali

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