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The Chhatra League leader beat up the journalist

The Chhatra League leader beat up the journalist
The Chhatra League leader beat up the journalist

Shahinur Reza Sumon, the president of Bangladesh Agricultural University (Bakribi) Faculty of Agriculture branch, attacked the journalist again. This time, Ashikur Rahman, president of Bakribi Journalist Association and representative of Dainik Samakal, was the victim of his attack. Before this, there are several allegations against Shaheen including attack on journalist, beating of security personnel. An inquiry committee was formed into the incidents of beatings but no trial took place.

According to CCTV footage of the university, Ashiqur Rahman went to Sajeeb Hotel located at Jabbar Mor of the university around 3 pm on Tuesday (21 November). At that time, Shahinur Reza Suman, president of Bakrbir Agriculture Faculty Chhatra League, Sourav Mehrab, Organizing Secretary of Animal Husbandry Faculty Chhatra League and many others were present in the shop. At one point, the hotel boy gave the food ordered by Ashiqur Rahman to Shahinur. Shaheen and his partner Sourav started slapping Ashikur when he tried to talk to the shopkeeper about the food. The footage also shows the shopkeeper fending off the beating.

In this regard, the victim Ashiqur Rahman has given a written complaint to the student affairs adviser and proctor of the university. It is known that the general secretary of Shahinur Reza University Branch Chhatra League. A follower of Mehdi Hasan. He is the former vice-president of Shamsul Haque Hall Chhatra League.

Victim Ashiqur Rahman said, the food I ordered was taken by Reza Shaheenu with the parcel. I was talking to the shopkeeper about this. At that time, Shaheen ambushed me from behind. I have filed a complaint with the university administration seeking justice. If the administration does not take any action, I will be forced to take legal recourse later.

Accused Shahinur Reza said that there was an argument and some pushing with Ashikur Rahman over food. However, there was no fight.

Another accused Sourav Mehrab said that he (Ashikur Rahman) had an argument with Shaheen Bhai over food. Once Shaheen started arguing with his brother and raised his hand on him.

In this regard, Bakribi Chhatra League General Secretary Md. Tried to contact Mehdi Hasan on his mobile phone, but he could not be reached on the phone. Besides, when contacted, President Khandaker Taifur Rahman refused to comment.

While accepting the written complaint of the victim, Professor Dr. Harun-or-Rashid said, we have received a written complaint about the incident. I will discuss this matter and take measures.

Incidentally, BCL activists blocked the road on March 28 afternoon after seeing the CCTV footage of an incident on March 26, 2022. At that time Shahinur Reza and many others beat up a journalist for making a video of their car vandalism. An investigation committee has been formed in this incident but no trial has taken place so far. Shaheen is also alleged to have been involved in the beating of a security guard at midnight last year.

Musaddiqul Islam Tanveer / RAR

The article is in Bengali

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