Accidents occur occasionally, demand for flyover at Samsi railway gate

Accidents occur occasionally, demand for flyover at Samsi railway gate
Accidents occur occasionally, demand for flyover at Samsi railway gate

Samsi: Another name for hellish torment is Samsi Railgate. This railway gate has become a cause of headache for the people of Chanchal subdivision including Samsi. As the railway gate was closed for hours, there was a massive traffic jam. Commuters have to suffer a lot. To solve this problem, the residents of the area have been demanding the construction of a flyover since the independence of India. But the center and state government are silent on this. There is pent-up anger among residents.

A school girl died after being hit by a train near Samsi railway gate on Monday evening. It is known that he went to do toilet some distance away as the rail gate was closed. At that time the Down Bandevarat Express came speeding and mangled his body. Even before this, many people lost their lives due to the traffic jam at the railway gate. A section of the residents blamed the traffic jam at the railway gate for various accidents.

On January 5, 2021, a group of administrative officials visited Samsi Railgate regarding the construction of flyover. The delegation included District Land and Land Reforms Officer Khurshed Alam, ADM (Land) Shampa Hazra, Ratua-1 BDO Sarwar Ali. On that day, the administrative officers visited both sides of Samsi Railgate on the ground. Basically, the construction of the flyover is stuck in the land. So the administrative officers held a meeting with the land donors at Samsi Ghasiram intersection. But no solution came out in that discussion meeting.

According to railway sources, a lot of land will be required on both sides for the construction of the flyover. If the flyover is built, the old houses and hundreds of shops will be destroyed. As a result, many will become homeless. Thousands of crores of rupees will be required for compensation.

Meanwhile, Mausam Noor, while MP for North Malda, had wooed the then Railway Minister for the construction of a flyover at Samsi. Responding to his words, the Ministry of Railways also sanctioned about three crore rupees for the construction of flyover at Samseer rail gate. Then there is measurement by the railway. That’s it until then. No further progress.

North Malda MP Khagen Murmu said, ‘Samsi people did not give land for flyover construction. So there was no flyover.’ However, Khagenbabu claimed that the underpass will be constructed at Samsi railway gate very soon.

Vijay Kumar Chowdhury, ADRM of Katihar Division of North-East Frontier Railway, said, ‘Currently there is no flyover at Samsi Railgate. However, a total of two underpasses (subways) will be constructed, one going and one coming, to decongest the railgate. Therefore, the revised estimate is underway. The tender process for the construction of the underpass will also be done soon.

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