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Death of newborn in Gazipur, allegations of wrong treatment

Death of newborn in Gazipur, allegations of wrong treatment
Death of newborn in Gazipur, allegations of wrong treatment

A newborn died within 56 hours of birth in Gazipur. Allegations of wrong treatment and negligence on the part of the hospital authorities have been found. The incident took place on Tuesday in the private hospital built illegally in a lane in Shibbari area of ​​Gazipur metropolis.

The newborn’s father, Anisur Rahman, said that his wife Jamila Begum’s expected date of delivery was December 10. In the meantime, when Jamila fell ill last Saturday night, she was quickly brought to the ‘Gazipur Modern Hospital and Diagnostic Center’ located at Shibbari Mor. Tama Karmakar, the doctor on duty there, took him to the hospital named SQR Medical Services and Hospital Limited located in the area and performed a quick cesarean. A son was born to Caesar. Dr. after the surgery. Tama Karkar wrote the order and left. Then Dr. Tama did not come to the hospital and did not take any news about the newborn.

He said that no doctor experienced in neonatology or pediatrics had taken notice of the child. In the meantime, on Monday night, when the child started crying profusely, the doctors and staff on duty were informed. But they did not take any action. On Tuesday morning, when the child started breathing, the doctor on duty asked to take him to Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmad Medical College Hospital. After being taken there, the doctor on duty declared the child dead.

Meanwhile, after this incident, on Tuesday afternoon in a lane of Shibbari on Rajbari Road, on the first and second floor of the building under construction, no one was found except a doctor, a nurse and a nurse-cum-manager.

Dr. recently completed internship this year. Aminul Islam said, I came to duty in the morning and saw the breathing problem of the newborn and referred him to Tajuddin. Then the child died there. We don’t have him die here.

When asked if the hospital has approval, he said, the owner of the hospital can say. But he claims that it is a 10-bed hospital.

In this regard, the managing director of the hospital, MA Azmi Tuhin, was contacted several times on his mobile phone, but he could not be found. The name of that hospital was not found in any of the list of names of legitimate and illegal hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers collected from the office of the Civil Surgeon.

Obstetrician surgeon Tama Karmkar called the mobile number several times but she also did not pick up the call. The obstetrician in question can be seen in his medical record. Tama is training in Gynecology.

In this regard, GMP Sadar Police Station OC Md. Ziaul Islam said that the said hospital does not have the environment and necessary equipment to provide medical services. Civil surgeon should take action against these hospitals. Legal action will be taken in cases of neonatal deaths.

In this regard, civil surgeon Dr. Gazipur. Khairuzzaman said, we can officially go and say – this is an illegal hospital, you should close it. They turned it off, turned it back on after we left. We can no longer close or lock ourselves. For this reason, we sought the cooperation of the administration and prepared a list of about two hundred illegal hospitals and clinics in the entire district and sent it to the District Commissioner and the police administration for action. They will see it. If we need help, we will be there.

The article is in Bengali

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