The mother found the body while waiting for her son

The mother found the body while waiting for her son
The mother found the body while waiting for her son

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Chittagong Bureau: “In the morning my son said while leaving, mom you don’t worry. I will go with the market money at 10 o’clock. You cook the markets. Saying this, the boy went out. Didn’t come back.’

On Tuesday (November 21) night, Ruma Begum was saying these words in Chittagong Medical College (CHMEC) hospital while lamenting in a tearful voice. Md. was stabbed to death in Khulshi of the city. She is the mother of heart (22).

Ruma Begum said, ‘There were some eggs in the house. I just sat there cooking them. I will eat two rice at home. At that time a boy came and said, come quickly. Your son is in medical school. When asked what happened, he said that he was stabbed. Then I run to the hospital. I didn’t get it at first. Then I went to the mango orchard again. I didn’t get it there either. Later, when the police came to the hospital again, they asked me to sit down.

Ruma said in a tearful voice, ‘I don’t know who killed my son. He is not in any politics. No fight or dispute with anyone. i have a son God took My husband has been walking around accused of a false case for 20 days. Can’t say anything to anyone. No market, no food at home. How hard I am going. Husband is not at home. How can I live without my son now?’

Deputy Inspector (SI) of Khulshi Police Station. Helal told Sarabangla, ‘We got news of fighting in front of Ambagan school while doing mobile duty. Go there quickly. Before that, some people rescued the heart and brought it to the hospital. We came here and identified the body. They cannot be called youth gangs. There are also teenagers. There are also big ones. According to the local people, the fight was due to some previous conflict.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Khulshi Police Station Rubel Howladar told Sarabangla, ‘We are conducting an operation to catch those involved in the murder. CCTV footage has been collected from around the spot. No case yet. The process of the case is going on.


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