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Non-communicable diseases account for 70 percent of the total deaths in the country

Non-communicable diseases account for 70 percent of the total deaths in the country
Non-communicable diseases account for 70 percent of the total deaths in the country

Special Correspondent

Dhaka: In Bangladesh, the incidence of non-communicable diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate. These non-communicable diseases are responsible for about 70 percent of the total deaths in the country. If the immune system can be strengthened through health promotion activities, on the one hand, the tendency of people to get sick and medical dependence will decrease, and on the other hand, government and individual expenses will decrease in treatment.

Pragya (Knowledge for Progress), Bangladesh University of Health Sciences, Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust and 17 organizations jointly organized a virtual conference titled ‘Health Promotion in Bangladesh’ on Tuesday (November 21) to raise awareness about health promotion. by doing Representatives and experts from various public health and environmental organizations including policy makers, public healthists, doctors, lawyers, teachers were present in the conference.

There, the negotiators cited the World Health Organization as saying that health promotion or health development is defined as a process by which people can increase control over their health and health determinants and gain the ability to improve their health. In general, tobacco use, physical exertion or lack of exercise, alcohol consumption, lack of healthy diet and air pollution are identified as the main risk factors for non-communicable diseases. However, since these health risks are almost entirely avoidable or controllable, deaths from non-communicable diseases are considered preventable deaths.

The speakers also said that health promotion is the adoption and implementation of an integrated approach prioritizing disease prevention. Already, 11 countries of the world including Thailand, Singapore, Australia have adopted health promotion activities. However, taking and implementing any concerted action to strengthen the ‘health development’ and ‘disease prevention’ system has not yet started in Bangladesh. The government has committed to reducing NCD-related deaths by one-third by 2030. Accelerating action on health promotion will directly support the achievement of the government’s other health goals, including the SDGs. A five-point collective declaration was made in the conference to improve the overall health system of the country including health promotion.


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