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The wind of change in Mirsrai with the touch of elite

The wind of change in Mirsrai with the touch of elite
The wind of change in Mirsrai with the touch of elite

The incident happened in April last year. In Ichakhali Union of Mirsrai Upazila of Chittagong, the belongings of four families were burnt in a terrible fire at night. Everything ended in front of the helpless people. These people who were shedding tears could not think who would stand by them.

Just at this time he got the news from Dhaka and rushed to Ichakhali. Stand next to these four families. He handed over the assistance money to the people of four families affected by the fire.

Shefali Akhtar, the daughter of Noor Begum, who was burnt, wiped her eyes and said, ‘We are people of a helpless family. Our life is going on with my father’s low income. But we are consumed by the fire. Elite brother stands by us at such a time. He is our hope.’

This is not the first or the last incident. This year, 17 family houses of Mirsarai were burnt again. Niaz Morshed Elite also stood by their side with the help of house construction. People also said again, elite brother is our hope.

Niaz Morshed Elite.

Yes, that is the identity of Niaz Morshed Elite; He is the trust of the people of Mirsarai. Elite Bangladesh Jubo League Central Committee member, he is the executive director of Mobile Financial Service Cash, he is the former president of JCI Bangladesh, sports organizer in Chittagong and Dhaka Daksite, renowned businessman, leader of Basmalik Samiti. But none of these identities can identify him properly. His main identity is that he is the person who brought the wind of change in Mirsrai. Helping thousands of helpless people in this area.

Niaz Morshed has been walking with the spirit of the liberation war and the ideals of Bangabandhu ever since he became an elite. While still a student, he chose the path of politics and organization. On the one hand, he did politics in Chhatra League and on the other hand, he was involved with various sports organizations. What he did the most was to be with people.

The young elite has excelled in studies on one hand and worked for the people on the other. Sometimes under the banner of JCI, sometimes under the banner of Jubo League, he ran into people. But at the end of the day, he put that Mirsarai first as his address.

To give an example, it can be said about Jharna Rani who died in a road accident. When this promising girl died, Elite supported her family, taking over the education of her siblings. Standing by Mirsarai residents who lost their lives in road accidents is not something new for Elite. He also stood by the family of the CNG driver who lost his life in such an accident.

More can be said about Upazila Awami League Organizational Secretary and Union No. 9 General Secretary Din Mohammad. When this retired and veteran Awami League leader was suffering from heart disease, Elite took the responsibility of wearing the ring.

There is no end to the elite’s respect for the martyred, veteran leaders of the Awami League and its affiliates. Again and again he stood by these people. One time Tukhor student leader, Daksu leader of the 90s, Motahar Hossain, gave a grant to build a house and ensure its prosperity. This young politician has accepted the responsibility of many party leaders and workers and their families.

During the time of Corona, Prime Minister has delivered food and medical assistance to many families from house to house. He has given regular financial assistance to the families of the victims of fire terror in 2014 and 2018.

Niaz Morshed Elite.

Elite has distributed wheelchairs to hundreds of physically challenged and elderly people. Especially for the people of Mirsarai who were injured in various accidents, Elite rushed first. Donated to the family of Shahadat who died in Sitakunda Chemical fire in 2022. Elite also stood by the 10 families of Mirsarai who were affected by the boiler explosion in Gazipur in 2017.
This man has a great passion for religion. Donated for the construction of hundreds of mosques, madrassas and orphanages. Apart from this, he always stands by the people of different religions in their joys and sorrows.

Elite has provided financial assistance to thousands of families affected by the fire in this Mirsarai area. Apart from this, he distributed construction materials among them.

The highly organized elite provides regular financial grants to 125 social organizations in Mirsarai Upazila. It is his regular job to distribute winter clothes to about lakhs of people in 16 unions and 2 municipalities every winter. Every year Eid gifts are distributed on behalf of Hon’ble Prime Minister on Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha to about 45,000 poor families.

Bangladesh Awami League and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina are the main inspiration behind the elite’s attraction to the people, being on the side of the people. The elite who grew up with the ideals of Bangabandhu are devoted to Awami League since childhood.

Elite is slowly working to change this mirage. He believes, now is the time to make the Prime Minister’s slogan ‘Village Hobe Shihar’ a reality. And that is why this young politician wants to start the revolution from his own village and area.

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