To go swimming in the sea

To go swimming in the sea
To go swimming in the sea

Who does not love to travel! If it is a beach, then there is no more to say. Soaking in the sea water early in the morning or sitting on the beach watching the sun set! Just thinking about it makes the mind run away to the sea.

When talking about going to see the sea in Bangladesh, one place that comes to mind is Cox’s Bazar. However, many people don’t know that there are several beaches within Cox’s Bazar or that there is an opportunity to see the sea outside Cox’s Bazar. From every point there is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the sea anew. So if you want to see the beauty of the sea again, you can get your feet wet on the shores of different seas.


Inani Beach
Almost everyone knows about Inani Beach. It is located at a distance of 23 km from Cox’s Bazar. Many people prefer to visit Inani Beach during low tide because coral reefs can be seen at Inani Beach during low tide. On the way from Cox’s Bazar to Inani Beach, you will be enthralled by rows of jhowban From the sea of ​​Cox’s Bazar, the sea of ​​Inani Beach will calm your restless mind as the sea of ​​this beach itself is very calm. And in the afternoon, the crowd is relatively less If you want to go to Inani Beach, you have to go to Cox’s Bazar first. If the hotel you stay in Cox’s Bazar has a car, you can easily go to Inani Beach by car or you can go by some open jeeps available there. Since Inani Beach is not far from Cox’s Bazar, you can go in the morning and return to Cox’s Bazar by night But if you want to spend the night at Inani Beach, there are good accommodation options There are various hotels around the beach like Inani Royal Resort, Tulip Resort, Royal Five Star etc.


Lavani Point
A part of Cox’s Bazar beach is called Labani Point. When visiting Cox’s Bazar, the sea view starts from Labni Point. In the early morning, you can see the fishermen fishing at this Labani point.

Patuartek Beach

This beach is six kilometers away from Inani. A visit to Patuartek Beach might make you think you’re in St. Martin for a while because of its light blue hue to the water. This beach is very clean compared to other places due to less crowd of people Pebbles can also be seen here many times Red crabs are most commonly seen at Patuartek Beach. This sea beach is very quiet. On the way to Patuartek, nature will call you by hand On the way, you can see the Tertiary period hills on the east side and there are different types of leaves on the hills Wherever you look, you will see a huge body of water. There are also huge coral reefs here. Very few tourists visit Cox’s Bazar now, so if you want to enjoy the sea for some time in solitude, Patuartek beach may be the place for you.


Sohankhali beach
If you want to see many types of boats and fishing, you can go to Sohankhali beach. Sampans of different colors make this beach more colorful. It is a bit inland from most of the fishermen’s traffic and localities. So, if you want to return before evening, you have to go out in the morning and have enough time

Mermaid Kuakata
You can visit Kuakata without going to Cox’s Bazar to see the sea. Kuakata is a town in Patuakhali district 18
Kuakata is one of the most scenic beaches in Bangladesh with a kilometer long beach. Both sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed from here Like Cox’s Bazar, Kuakata is a popular destination for sea-viewing. Due to the construction of Padma Bridge, it does not take much time to go to Kuakata Now you can easily go to Kuakata from Dhaka or anywhere in the country by bus But earlier one had to cross many ferries to go to Kuakata, many people did not go to Kuakata due to such suffering. Visit Kuakata to visit Misripara Buddhist Temple, it is located 8 km from Kuakata sea. Besides, there is a historical well in Kuakata, which is located in Keranipara, the home of the Rakhines History is known
The history of arrival of Arakanese is connected with Kuakata. Many wells were dug at the site to meet water shortages in the 18th century.


Patenga beach
Patenga Beach is located at the mouth of Karnaphuli River. However, due to its location in Chittagong city, it is very busy around this sea. Karnaphuli river is connected with this sea. Patenga is a favorite place for those who love to eat. Because there are various food shops around the beach Starting with seafood, there is no food that is not available. So many go to Patenga to taste seafood If you want to go to Patenga, you have to go to Chittagong city first, Patenga is 14 km south of Chittagong.

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