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Off screen, how is the relationship between Ranga Bauer Sona Di Phul Di? He shared his thoughts

Off screen, how is the relationship between Ranga Bauer Sona Di Phul Di? He shared his thoughts
Off screen, how is the relationship between Ranga Bauer Sona Di Phul Di? He shared his thoughts

.. First Calcutta.

Always ready to get the bird into trouble 2 Ja. Both lists have the same goal of how to keep birds from getting sick. You understand which serial we want to talk about. You are right, we are talking about the two victories of Ranga Bau serial. You see them on screen every day, but do you know what they do offscreen? Today we will tell everything in this report.

Ranga Bau serial started on 22nd December 2022 on Zee Bangla. The age of this series is approaching one year. Shruti Das and Gaurav Roy Chowdhury are in the main roles of the serial. This serial also placed well in the TRP list. Sometimes this serial is in the sixth place, sometimes in the first place and sometimes in the fourth place. But a serial never rests on hero and heroine side characters play an important role. As a villain role but does a great job. You are watching Ranga Bau series, Fuldi, Sona’s only goal in life is to somehow trouble birds. Birds have to get into various family complications all the time for them.

Swarna Kamal Dutt is playing the role of Sona Dir. Suchandra Banerjee is again playing the role of Phul Dir. The audience has seen Swarna Kamal Dutt on the big screen for several years. After having a daughter, she took a break for a while. After a break of five years, he is now acting in Chutiye serial. Meanwhile, Phool Di aka Suchandra Banerjee has won everyone’s hearts with her acting skills. On the screen they are always folding fried how to keep the bird bad. They try all kinds of things so that the bird is not well.

Off skin do they cheat, what kind of relationship between them? You must want to know. Swarna Kamal gets upset when she doesn’t come to the makeup room. The fun is about Suchandra. If they do not come to the set for a day or two, they are suffocated. Sometimes they eat and drink. As they told us their thoughts, they also gave good advice for the first Kolkata visitors.

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