Allegation of death of mother and newborn due to doctor’s negligence

Allegation of death of mother and newborn due to doctor’s negligence
Allegation of death of mother and newborn due to doctor’s negligence

Allegations of death of mother and daughter due to doctor’s negligence at Tangail General Hospital. Meem Akhter (20) and her newborn daughter died in the hospital’s surgery room number one on Tuesday afternoon. Dr. who is in charge of surgery since the incident. Salma Jahan and senior consultant Dr. Pranab Karmakar was not found. Later, there was a commotion in the hospital premises over the dead bodies of the mother and the newborn child.

Meem’s grandmother Sumna Begum said, ‘Mim’s labor pains started on Tuesday morning. He was quickly taken to Ghatail Upajlo Health Complex. The doctor on duty there sent him to Tangail General Hospital. Later, Meem was admitted to Tangail General Hospital around 12 noon. There, the junior consultant of the Department of Gynecology. Under the supervision of Salma Jahan, the operation theater was taken around 1 pm. After 20 minutes, the doctor told Meem’s family that they needed two bags of blood. Relatives kept running to different places to collect blood. At that time, it was reported from the operating room that the obstetrician Meem Akhtar and her newborn daughter died.

Sumna Begum said, Tangail General Hospital gynecologist Dr. Salma Jahan was taken to a clinic and asked to undergo surgery. But it is late to collect money and Dr. Salma neglected the surgery. Because of this, the mother and newborn died. Even before being taken to the operating room, Meem walked on her own. But after taking it, the mother and newborn died.’

Meem’s aunt Majeda Akhter said, “After Meem’s death, the hospital authorities took out the bodies of the mother and daughter after signing a strong release paper.”

Dr. Salma Jahan said, ‘The supervisor of the hospital Dr. As Sadkiur Rahman is in Dhaka, I will not give any kind of interview to the media now.’

Hospital supervisor Sadiqur Rahman said, ‘I was in Dhaka, I heard the matter. If we get any complaint and neglect of duty, action will be taken through investigation.’

Tangail District Civil Surgeon Dr. Minhaj Uddin Mia said, ‘I have heard the matter. Dr. to investigate the incident. Sadikur Rahman has been given the responsibility. Necessary action will be taken based on the investigation.’

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