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Srabanti Chatterjee is on top of the list of popular and popular actresses in Tollywood industry. However, this heroine is more in the headlines with her personal life than her career. Especially after breaking up his family three times, he has repeatedly been in the headlines due to his new love and open movement. There is no less controversy about him. If you share a post on social media, netizens’ offensive comments appear in the comment box.

Srabanti is practicing again. Tally Queen shared several pictures in the holiday mood during the holidays. In the water in a pink bikini and sunglasses the fire The actress has given.

Indian media Hindustan Times Bangla reported that Srabanti went to visit Thailand. There, the actress was spotted in a swimming pool in an appealing pose. Which is releasing heat all over the internet.

It is known that Srabanti went on a tour with his son Abhimanyu and his girlfriend Damini. Abhimanyu is in love with model Damini Ghosh. Last Thursday was Damini’s birthday. It is believed that this trip is on this occasion.

In one picture, Srabanti is standing in the water in the fall afternoon. In the mood of mild winter which is spreading warmth. He has been criticized for his posted pictures before. However, Srabanti said that she has something to say about thisdoesn’t come

In the new picture, someone punched him and wrote, I went crazy, honey.

Another wrote,
Looks like Barbie in a pink bikini.

In the meantime, speculation has started around a new post of the heroine. Where he brought out a special person. This special person in Srabanti’s life is her beloved girlfriend Sanchari Chakraborty. Srabanti posted on her birthday. The cake is in front of Sanchari in the picture.

In the caption of the photo, Srabanti wrote, I can’t imagine my life without this dear friend of mine.

A few days ago, Srabanti went on a trip with Sanchari and another friend. Many netizens congratulated Sanchari Chakraborty on the post of the actress.

In short, there is no end to the study of Sravanti’s personal life. Rumors of Abhirup’s love affair with the actress have also been heard since her break-up with third husband Roshan Singh. twoJohn is a resident of the same residence.

Meanwhile, some blamed the actress for breaking the marriage of Jeetu Kamal and Navneetha Das. However, Navneeta rubbished this speculation on Facebook Live. He said that he has a good relationship with Srabanti.

Next, Srabanti will be seen in the role of Devi Chaudhurani, the very famous robber-empress of Bengal. The movie is being produced by Subhrajit Mitra. Prosenjit Chatterjee will be seen in the role of Bhavani Pathak.

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