The 100th annual Mahfil in Charmonai begins today

The 100th annual Mahfil in Charmonai begins today
The 100th annual Mahfil in Charmonai begins today

With the participation of lakhs of worshippers, the 100th anniversary 3-day annual Mahfil is officially starting in Charmonai with the opening speech of Baad Johar Bangladesh Mujahid Committee and Islami Andolan Bangladesh Amir Mufti Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim Pir Saheb Charmonai on Wednesday. 2 fields have already been prepared for the domestic and foreign audiences coming to this year’s festival. The curtain has been drawn, the necessary lights and microphones have been installed so that the audience from the country and abroad do not have a problem listening to the mahfil. Adequate bathrooms have also been arranged.
Designated spaces have been prepared for car parking of those who will go to the mahfil by reserving a car on the road. From November 10, the audience from remote areas of the country started arriving at the Mahfil ground with reserve and private cars. The arrival of people by launch and trawlers has started from November 18. On Monday and Tuesday, the audience arrived at the concert venue with reserve launches from various river ports including Dhaka and Chittagong.
Since 1924, devotees started coming to Charmonai Mahfil to purify their soul and develop themselves as noble and ideal people. In the 3-day Mahfil, 7 speeches of Mufti Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim Pir Saheb Charmonai and Naib Ameerul Mujahidin Mufti Syed Muhammad Faizul Karim will inspire the audience to walk fully on the path of religion. Apart from this, the discourses of eminent ulama mashaikhs from home and abroad will encourage the listeners to follow the path of religion. On the 2nd day of the Mahfil, the Ulama Mashayekh intellectual conference was organized with the incoming Ulama Mashayekh and the intellectuals, on the 3rd day the student assembly was organized with the incoming students.
Apart from this, freedom fighters and freedom fighter generation gatherings with freedom fighters, teacher gatherings with teachers, youth gatherings with youths, labor gatherings with the participation of working people, and training of muallalims are organized outside the stage at convenient places and times. The listeners who came to the Mahfil were trained on important topics including hand-pen prayer, essential Masala Masael training, Surah Qirat training. Dividing into thousands of sections, this training is done by the teachers of the Madrasahs under the control of the Bangladesh Quranic Education Board. In order to provide emergency medical care to the audience at the festival, a 100-bed temporary hospital provided medical care and free medicines to the patients. On Saturday around 8-9 am, after the formality of Akheri Bayan, Pir Saheb Charmonai will conclude the 3-day long Mahfil activities through prayer.

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