Diaspora population

Diaspora population
Diaspora population

Bangladesh and diaspora people’s mental worlds are tied together. No one disagrees with that. The only difference is who looks at it from which point of view. We should all remember this place. Care needed. Mind and mentality. Even after living in a democratic country and society, blindness and stubbornness have not gone from our mentality. Rather, his appearance in various activities is surprising. I think this is what we want

Expatriate Bangladeshis do not ask for much. They want to go home safely, come back and have peace without fear. They should not suffer from the extreme improvement of the communication system in Bangladesh today. Commuting in big cities and even in the suburbs has become easy. Much has been made possible by the sincere efforts of the government. But man-made suffering and anarchy have not left us behind. Unfortunately, we are our own enemy.
If we wanted, we could build a huge power ring outside Bangladesh. Which few countries of the subcontinent have achieved. Let’s talk about India. They do not argue about the country outside. Always careful about the country and the image of the country. Sri Lankans also have this feeling. If we hadn’t divided ourselves in many ways, Sydney could have become something bigger today in the name of our country or history.

By placing historical events or a name like Bangabandhu in front of us, we would get something glorious of national identity on the Pacific coast. I didn’t get what I didn’t get. But there is still time. Because, as long as the development of Bangladesh will take the country forward as our nation, then these hopes will be fruitful. Bangladeshi people are very hard working abroad. Their image is also good. Who knows how long only politics and division will keep us divided?
The great benefit of Bangladesh’s development is the introduction of foreign countries with our products or production. Although the population is low, since the purchasing power of the people is high, there is no option to take over the market of these countries. Without arguing when that work started, I will say that it has spread during this period because of the continuity of the government. Otherwise we wouldn’t have come this far. I was talking about development. The development of Bangladesh’s manufactured garments and agriculture is more than meets the eye. The clothing market of these countries is full of country clothing. What was once unthinkable is now a reality.
It is difficult to disrupt the development and progress of Bangladesh. Recently, the ambassador of a particular country could not break the morale of the country, its people and top leaders despite thousands of attempts. It is a different thing to once hold the world in your hands and now to dominate the country. In the digital world, people know everything, understand and move forward. So he knows very well who is his friend and who is his enemy. It also knows that it is not possible to report as before. Especially, there is no option now to assimilate a developing and surprising economy like Bangladesh. Countries like him, which are moving forward by taking the world by storm, can no longer be treated with the eyes of the media. Because, a large part of the world’s economy is in their hands. Whoever you are, there is news if you don’t take them with you.
Development and prosperity is the dream of the people of any country. Today that dream is in our hands. Bangladesh is currently on a victory lap under the leadership of Prime Minister Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina. Whatever the cynical critics say, we can see the difference only if we compare Bangladesh and Pakistan. Many people may know that Pakistan is now in the last stage. It will not take long for Pakistan to become a failed state economically.
Now we who live outside the country hope that the country and the society will not prevent this progress by thinking of themselves as happiness and appreciation. All the countries of the world are now busy standing on their own feet. The influx and activity of Nepalis across the city of Sydney cannot be denied. They are moving fast despite having the opportunity to become immigrants and students after us. The radio talk show host said, in his experience, Nepalis have more passion and energy or desire to work than any other country in the subcontinent. Maybe so. The point is this is the reality. Bangladesh’s labor-oriented and dedicated population also deserves such praise. Due to various reasons, it is not able to reach our house or ears.
Bangladesh and diaspora people’s mental world is tied together. No one disagrees with that. The only difference is who looks at it from which point of view. We should all remember this place. Care needed. Mind and mentality. Even after living in a democratic country and society, blindness and stubbornness have not gone from our mentality. On the contrary, his performance in various activities is surprising. Think this is what we want? Again, Bangladeshis living outside the country are not asking for much. They are happy only if their security and peace is ensured. They are the ones who keep the country’s economy moving through remittances.
The rest is in the hands of the rulers of the country and time. I said the words for the reason that, apart from art culture or lifestyle in the diaspora, it is a key issue in the politics and reality of the country. Which makes us worry sometimes. The resolution of which is only in the hands of time and fate. However, as the country progresses, as people learn to progress, the fate of our country will change. Expatriates must be with the proud Bangladeshis as a catalyst for that change.[email protected]

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