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Are you using the inhaler correctly?


Rules for using inhalers

When a doctor prescribes an inhaler to a patient, he must be taught how to use the inhaler. Many patients report on follow-up a few days after using the inhaler that there was no improvement. When asked to show him how he took the inhaler, it shows that he does not know the correct rule.

The inhaler can be used easily if you remember the following step-by-step procedures.

1. Shake the inhaler a little before taking.

2. Take a big breath and release the breath.

3. Open the mouthpiece cover of the inhaler and place the mouthpiece against the mouth.

4. Pressing the canister upwards will force the gas into the mouth. Just need to press once, no need to press repeatedly.

5. Take a long breath in with the gas inside.

6. Hold the breath for 5 to 10 seconds.

7. Then release the breath.

8. After some time another pressure should be taken in the same manner.

It is best to purge shortly after taking the inhaler, especially with steroid inhalers.

Inhalers can be easily taken through a spacer device if you can’t take it in the normal way. Apart from this, there is also a system to inhale the gas by crushing the capsule medicine. The doctor will select the inhaler method considering the overall condition of the patient.

These respiratory diseases can be controlled very well if the correct rules of inhaler are followed. As the incidence of these problems increases especially in winters, one should be careful about this.

Dr. Saif Hussain Khan, Medicine Consultant, Popular Diagnostic Centre, Dhanmondi.

The article is in Bengali

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