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Risky Khulna Printing share manipulation is going on

Risky Khulna Printing share manipulation is going on
Risky Khulna Printing share manipulation is going on

The income has not returned even in five years, the last two years are not giving dividends to the investors. Also negative company asset value. However, the share price of risky Khulna Printing and Packaging Limited has been increasing by leaps and bounds for the past few days. Despite several warnings from the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the weak share price of the company is not being reined in. The company’s share price has more than doubled in just 18 working days. This information is known from related sources.

Market people say that some circle is manipulating the share price of this company, which is listed in the paper and printing sector of the capital market. There is no logical reason for the share price of an otherwise weak and risky company to double in a matter of days.

According to the data of Dhaka Stock Exchange, on October 29, each share of Khulna Printing was traded at the price of 9 taka 80 paisa in the Dhaka Stock Exchange. After trading on Tuesday (November 21), the closing price of the company’s shares stood at 22 taka 10 paise. The share price of this weak company has increased by 12 taka 30 paise in just 18 working days. As a percentage, the price increase at this time is 125.51 percent.

Khulna Printing & Packaging with unbridled share price has not paid any dividend to investors for the past two years. The company last paid dividends to investors in 2020. A nominal dividend of 10.25 percent was paid to shareholders that year.

According to DSE data, the company listed in the paper and printing sector has not returned to earnings even in the last five years. In the last financial year (year 2022) the company has incurred a total loss of 22 crore 64 lakh 24 thousand taka 3 10 paise per share. Khulna Printing had a loss of Tk 44.7 million in the previous year as well.

Not only is it making losses. Khulna Printing’s Asset Value per Share (NAVPS) has been negative in the last financial year. In 2022, the company’s asset value per share was negative at 1 86 paise. Also, the company’s reserves were negative at 86.6 million taka.

Dhaka Stock Exchange considers the increase in the share price of this risky company to be abnormal. On November 7, it was asked whether there was any price sensitive information behind the increase in the company’s share price. However, Khulna Printing did not give any answer to such question of DSE.

When asked about this, former teacher of Dhaka University and capital market analyst Professor Abu Ahmed told Barta24, ‘What is happening with the shares of Khulna Printing is just gambling. Whether such companies are paying dividends or not, whether they have income, the manipulative cycle does not have time to look at them. If the margin loan is stopped in the purchase of shares of these companies, the manipulation may stop.’

According to the information given by DSE, the company secretary of Khulna Printing. Milon Khan. When asked about the company, he said, ‘Now I am not working in Khulna Printing’.

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