Video sent to London after bus fire: DB chief Haroon

Video sent to London after bus fire: DB chief Haroon
Video sent to London after bus fire: DB chief Haroon

A Mirpur Super Link Limited bus was set on fire on November 4 in Gauchia Market area of ​​Newmarket police station. The Uttara Division of the Dhaka Metropolitan (DB) Detective Police has arrested three people in this incident. The arrested persons are Tanvir Ahmed (27), Delwar Hossain (51) and Md. Farooq Hossain (43).

Tanveer Ahmed is the library secretary of Dhaka College Chhatra Dal among the arrested persons. Delwar Hossain is the President of Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP Ward No. 24 and Farooq Hossain is an active member of BNP.

According to the DB, among the arrested persons, Tanveer said that they used to send videos to the senior leaders after setting the fire. Photos and videos were also sent to senior leaders in London and Dhaka. Additional Commissioner of Police Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid told reporters at his office on Minto Road on Tuesday afternoon.

He said, three people who set the bus on fire have been arrested. The DB-North Division arrested three people in connection with the bus arson which was set on fire near the Newmarket passenger camp on November 4. It was the arrested Tanveer Ahmed who set the bus on fire that day.

After setting the bus on fire that day, he told one of his friends about the fire from his Facebook messenger. Tanveer wrote in the conversation, what will happen by setting fire? We are on fire and those in London are fine. We are caught backfiring.

He had such a conversation. When he was brought to the DB he admitted that he had written it.

Tanvir says to DB, we are setting fire, throwing cocktails but there is no one to see us in jail. Those giving orders are hiding somewhere or staying abroad.

Stating that Tanveer has been remanded, the DB chief said, “I have got the names and numbers of many people.” It will be known who else was with Tanveer.

Haroon Or Rasheed also said that instructions are given to the workers at the field level, after setting the fire, the senior leaders of the party should show pictures and videos. Face mask and handkerchief should be used while setting fire. Passenger buses should be set on fire. The rule is that after setting the fire, to make the elder brothers happy, they take money and buy cocktails at different places and throw the cocktails, and somewhere else they pour petrol and set it on fire.

Harun said that various teams of DB have brought many people under the law. Among them, they admitted their guilt in the court and gave a statement under section 164. We also got the names of who is helping them.

He said, if a big brother starts a fire, throws a cocktail, you will be the accused. After being caught receiving money, mentioning the names of the elder brothers will do no good. Those who set the fire will be caught, they will be prosecuted and there is no way out.

Detective Chief Haroon tells those who are doing the vandalism that he drives the bus as a daily income by selling the last possessions of the person whose car he is setting on fire. The bus you are burning is actually burning a man’s dream. There was no way for him to walk. For the sake of the people, for the sake of the state, consider the people and move out of the way of fire. Otherwise, you will definitely be arrested for the work done by police, DB police. Even if it is hidden, it will not be found. We will bring the rest of them under the law. Vandals will be arrested in whichever hole they enter.

When asked if any instructions are coming from London, Haroon Or Rashid said, “We have arrested many people.” They say videos were sent to senior leaders after the fire was set. In this he also spoke about the senior leaders of London and Dhaka.

When asked whether the arrestees repented after setting the fire, he said, they are also concerned about the end of setting the fire. Arrestees are also worried about whether their older brothers will work for bail if they are caught.

Haroon Or Rasheed also said that there was a strike yesterday on Monday. A lot of vehicles came out during the strike, causing traffic jams. Common people do not like fire, cocktails. We are saying again and again that the police will not be demoralized by creating panic in the public mind.

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