Govt’s ‘helmet force’ for throwing cocktails, Afroza alleges

Govt’s ‘helmet force’ for throwing cocktails, Afroza alleges
Govt’s ‘helmet force’ for throwing cocktails, Afroza alleges


Afroza Abbas, wife of BNP Standing Committee member Mirza Abbas, has alleged that the government party’s ‘helmet force’ was involved in the incident of throwing hand grenades outside the house.

Besides, he also said that the police ‘helped’ the grenade throwers to escape.

A hand grenade was thrown in front of the house of BNP leader Mirza Abbas in Shahjahanpur, Dhaka on Tuesday morning. The security personnel of the house said that two persons on a motorcycle threw cocktails and ran away.

After the morning incident, Afroza blamed the government party for the attack and demanded justice from the people of the country.

Narrating the incident, he told reporters, “I heard a loud explosion.” I was at home. I called the doorman. He said two men wearing black clothes and helmets attacked. They were on the same motorcycle. After the explosion he (doorman) saw that they were running away.

“There were three to four police motorcycles outside the house at that time. He said to them, you hold on a little… they are running away, help a little. The police did not do that. They helped them escape.”

BNP leader Abbas is currently in jail in a case of Sabotage of Shahjahanpur Police Station and Explosives Act. Family members including his wife Afroza Abbas live in that house.

Talking about the insecurity, Afroza Abbas said, “We are in such a situation here. When the police came to the house, I told them to arrange security. This situation is happening again and again, they are hitting bricks at different times inside the house, banging loudly on the gate, they are doing this in the other house we have… The way they hit today, if I was there at that time or my grandchildren were there, they could have been hurt too. My staff could have hit them too… anyone could have died.”

Stating that she has been the victim of such ‘attacks’ before, the president of Mahila Dal said, “They (police) only say that the Chhatra Dal is changing… Look, Abbas is in jail, I am in the house… They have done this before in the house, they are still doing it… I am suffering from an insecurity. more.”

Alleging that the incident of throwing hand grenades was ‘connived’ by the police, the leader of the women’s party said, “When the police came today, I said look… who do they have except you?” If they have the courage to attack the house of Mirza Abbas, let them not come, we are here. None of us have any weapons. We are mentally prepared to face them.

“You (police) are propitiating them, you are helping them. You stay in front, you stay behind, they come and leave after an accident. How many innocent lives are lost in this way. Of course government party terrorists are doing it and with the help of administration. Will they be judged? They will not be judged.”

Afroza Abbas complained, “People from Chhatra League and Youth League roamed around my house all night on Monday. They have gone around in the identity of journalists. We have CCTV cameras all around our house, both at home and on the street. You may see our boys (student group-Jubadal) being blamed for this.”

He said, “I want the cooperation of the media. Let us and the people of this country live safely in their homes with their families.”

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