Roshan : Chunnu will collect nominations within days

Roshan : Chunnu will collect nominations within days
Roshan : Chunnu will collect nominations within days

Jatiya Party’s main sponsor and opposition leader Roshan Ershad has expressed hope that the party’s nomination form will be collected by the party’s general secretary Mujibul Haque Chunnu.

He said this at a press conference at the office of the JPA chairman in Banani in the capital on Tuesday (November 21).

Chunnu also mentioned that there is no basis to the news of Roshan Ershad distributing forms among the party’s nomination aspirants separately. He said, “I don’t know anything about the letter that Roshan gave to the Election Commission (EC). He told me over the phone that he will send people to collect the nomination form from the JPA Chairman’s office. Also, son Saad will collect Ershad’s nomination form. Maybe today (Tuesday) he will collect the form.

Earlier on Monday party chairman Golam Mohammad Quader collected party nomination form from Rangpur-3 constituency.

When asked about this, Japa General Secretary said, as the chairman of the party, Golam Mohammad Quader can collect nomination form from any constituency in the country. Now if Saad Ershad collects the nomination form, then we will consider the matter.

Chunnu said that the chairman-president of the party has the opportunity to be elected from anywhere. Our party chairman can vote wherever he wants to vote. No one from the party dares to go there and vote. The founder of our party (Hussain Muhammad Ershad) was in that seat. Now if the chairman wants to be there, then no one can have any question. He who is there does not come to the party. There is no time to worry about him.

When asked about the rumors of GM Quader’s resignation spreading on Monday night, Chunnu further said that a section of the expelled leaders from the party are spreading these rumors on purpose. As for Ghulam Mohammad Quader’s leadership, there is no question of merit. The team under his leadership has been organized a lot in the last two/three years. So why would he resign?

Chunnu also said that Jatiya Party (Japa) will take more time to decide whether it will participate in the 12th National Assembly elections or not. He said, people still have questions and doubts whether they will be able to vote at the polling station or not. 100% confidence has not been created in people’s minds about voting. So we have to wait more to take the final decision to go to the polls.


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