Kolaghat Businessman Killed: businessman of Kolaghat took tea before murder dgtld

Kolaghat Businessman Killed: businessman of Kolaghat took tea before murder dgtld
Kolaghat Businessman Killed: businessman of Kolaghat took tea before murder dgtld

On the way back after closing the shop at night, the gold merchant Sameer Padiya used to have a cup of tea from the nearby tea shop. At that time there was some talk with other shopkeepers. After that, the young man used to return home along the national highway. Monday night was no different from that ‘routine’. The owners of the shop next to Sameer’s shop in Kolaghat’s Jinada Bazar said that the gold trader was in a good mood on Monday. But who could have thought that they would see Sameer’s bloody body within a few moments! Sameer’s body was found on National Highway 6 at Kolaghat around 9 pm on Monday. Unknown assailants shot him in the head. After that, he took the money and the jewels. Those close to Sameer say that no one had any idea that such a deadly attack could happen on him.

Sameer’s friends said that Sameer spent some time with other businessmen at the tea shop in Zindada Bazar around 8 pm on Monday. Have a cup of tea. The businessman was very happy. Right next to Sameer’s shop is Piyushkanti Roy’s shop. In his words, “Zinada Bazar has two gold shops. One belongs to Sameer and the other is his cousin. But Sameer’s shop is always busy. The crowd would continue.” What kind of person was that businessman? Piyush’s reply, “Everyone in the market has received help from Sameer at various times. We hung out at a nearby tea shop yesterday before closing shop at around 8pm. Sameer was in a very happy mood there. And like five days, he closed the shop and left for home.

A nearby shopkeeper said that shortly after Sameer went out, news came that he had been attacked. Sameer’s shop was looted once before. Once the miscreants took his bag of money from the shop and ran away. But that was a long time ago. The gold merchant had no particular qualms about the matter. Piyush said, “I knew he used to have a bunch of keys and some money on his way home from the shop. But for that, no one could even sense that there could be a fatal attack on him.”

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Sameer’s wife Krishna Padiya also said, “Every day and night he would return home around 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. We could not imagine that he could have such an enemy. All this was never discussed at home.” Krishna added, “The demand has been made to the police and the administration that the accused should be caught.”

The police have already started checking the CCTV footage of the shops in the market. Whether the businessman was killed while robbing or there was business enmity, the investigation is going on.

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