18 candidates of A.League collected nomination papers for Mashrafe’s seat

18 candidates of A.League collected nomination papers for Mashrafe’s seat
18 candidates of A.League collected nomination papers for Mashrafe’s seat

18 candidates of Awami League collected nomination papers for Mashrafe Bin Murtaza Constituency Narail-2 Constituency. Many of them have submitted nomination papers. Now it’s time to wait who is getting party nomination ticket of A.League.

The 18 candidates who collected nomination papers for this seat till Monday (November 20) are – A.League Central Committee Youth and Sports Affairs Secretary Mashrafe Bin Murtaza, Narail District A.League Vice President SM Asifur Rahman Bappi, District A.League Vice President Adv. Syed Ayub Ali, District A. League General Secretary Nizamuddin Khan Nilu, District A. League Science and Technology Affairs Secretary Buet Engineer Lt. Syed Faizul Amir Litu along with Commander (Retd.) AM Abdullah, Md. Rashedul Basar Dollar, Malay Kumar Kundu, Lion Noor Islam, Adv. Md. Tariqul Islam, Md. Habibur Rahman Tapas, PK Palash Hazra, Kazi Zahidur Rahman, Mohammad Jasim Uddin Kanak, Mohammad Monir Hossain, Munsi Md. Nazrul Islam, Shamima Sultana, Farhana Reza.

Earlier, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, the former one-day captain of the national cricket team, bought the party nomination form of Awami League from Narail-2 constituency in the 12th national parliament election. On Monday (November 20) morning, Narail district Awami League president Adv. Subas Chandra Bose.

All of them are hopeful of getting party nomination. However, everyone said that they will work for whoever the party nominates.

Narail District Awami League President Adv. Subas Chandra Bose told Kalbela that those who have collected nomination papers are also Awami League. My expression is that many of those who have collected nomination papers live in Dhaka. I don’t know if Dhaka has any political involvement with them. Many of them have nothing to do with my march-meetings. Many of them have party membership, many do not. Anyone can buy party nomination form. Hope should be kept by those who have relationship with the party and those who work with the people on the ground.

He also said that those who are in the central committee and those who are in the selection committee are very knowledgeable, experienced and talented. They know who works for the party and has ties to the party. I think the party will nominate a qualified person for Narail-2 seat considering that political intelligence.

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