70 pigs died in government farm in 7 days

70 pigs died in government farm in 7 days
70 pigs died in government farm in 7 days

The pigs of the country’s only government pig farm in Rangamati are dying of an unknown disease. 70 pigs died in last 7 days. Many more have been affected. The doctors of the district livestock department are trying to keep the remaining pigs alive in the farm.

Many hill communities in the Chittagong Hill Tracts keep pigs. Considering them, the country’s only government pig farm was established in Rangamati in 1984.

From November 13, the pigs are suddenly dying in this farm due to an unknown disease. 70 big pigs died in last 7 days. The financial value of which is about 20 lakh taka. The authorities said that since there is no lab in Rangamati to identify the disease, the samples will have to be sent to Dhaka or Chittagong.

Pig farm worker Zahid said, ‘I feel very bad. Pigs are dying in front of our eyes. I don’t know what to do.’

Rangamati Pig Farm Senior Assistant Director Dr. Lenin De said, ‘The disease has not yet been diagnosed. I think the terrible virus swine fever. Due to blockade strike delay in sending our samples.’

A medical team of 4 members has been formed by the District Animal Husbandry Department to save the pigs. They believe that the disease is a recent epidemic in South Africa – swine flu. which has recently been caught in Mizoram and Manipur in India near Rangamati. The death rate of pigs in this disease is almost 100%.

Tushar Kanti Chakma, acting district animal husbandry officer of Rangamati, said, ‘Horrible swine fever has been found in neighboring states. We are in a panic. We have formed a medical team. Treatment is ongoing. Success has not yet come.’

The Animal Husbandry Department has urged the mountain pig breeders to be aware of the disease.

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