There are ten heavyweight candidates for the post of Vice President


The much awaited Chittagong District Sports Association elections are just four days away. Around this election, Chittagong’s sports arena is now in a festive mood. A record number of candidates are participating in this election. So it can be said that the election is quite crowded. Meanwhile, the candidates are running after the voters. The position of head of the 27-member committee of the district sports association, that is, the post of general secretary.h.m. Nashir was elected unopposed. Now there is a strong fight for the remaining positions. Where the first post is vice president. And 4 people will be elected to the post of vice president. There are ten candidates against him. It can be said that these ten are heavyweight candidates. The situation is such that no one leaves anyone else equally. Out of these ten people, four are the current vice presidents of the committee. Two of the remaining six are the executive members of the current committee. The remaining four have been in the committee for different times but are being re-elected this time. The first of these ten candidates is the brave freedom fighter Abul Hashem. This freedom fighter who fought for the country joined Chittagong sports arena in 1991. Muktijoddha became the councilor of Sangsad Krira Chakra in the then CJKP. He was elected as an executive member the following year. After that, he is regularly in the committee of the district sports organization as an executive member. He was absent from 2008 to 2011 in between. But once again he is regularly in the executive committee. Also Chairman of Hockey Committee, Vice Chairman of the Football Committee, Served as a member of the Cricket Committee. He was also a member of the executive committee of Bangladesh Hockey Federation twice. He was also the chairman of the development committee there. Abul Hashem, who has been in the organization for a long time, is now running for the post of vice president to pave the way for newcomers.

AKM Ehchanul Haider Chowdhury Babul is a politician. He is a soldier of Raj Path from student politics. But he had a great passion for sports. And from that tension 1994Became the football manager of the traditional Mohammedan Blues team in the 95 season. Then from 2001 to 2017, he was the chairman of the governing body of Mohammedan Blues. Little Brothers Club became the first councilor in the district sports organization. But then he did not choose. In 2015, he became the representative of the Deputy Commissioner. Become an executive member by selecting service. However, the election did not take place. A conciliation panel was held. In 2019, he was elected as the vice president. But this time he has come as a representative of the rifle club. He is again the vice president candidate to try his best for the development of sports.

Taher Ul Alam Chowdhury Swapan. A former footballer. Later, he gained fame as a sports organizer. Rising Star played football from 1977 to 1989, Abahani, Mohammedan, Customs, For district teams and university teams. Became the first councilor in 2003 for South End Club. Came in 2008 for Comrades Club. He was elected as an executive member that year. However, he did not contest in the district after that. Treasurer in Divisional Sports Association in 2011, In 2015 Nirbhahi was elected as a member and in 2019 as joint secretary. Currently he is the General Secretary of Bangladesh Cycling Federation. Earlier he was in the ad hoc committee of this federation. So he is also a strong candidate for the post of Vice President.

Didarul Alam Chowdhury. He is a popular name in Chittagong sports arena. CJKS Councilor in 1978 for Motherbari Udayan Sangh. Representative of Doublemooring Club in 1988. In 1992, he was elected as a representative of the Hathajari Upazila Sports Association as an executive member. He became vice president in 2008. Although he lost the next election, he became an executive member in 2015. He was elected vice president in the last election. He is the founder of Chittagong Abahani. Working on Blind Cricket and Disabled Cricket. He is also a heavyweight candidate in this year’s CJKS election. Maqsudur Rahman became the first councilor in Bulbul District Sports Organization in 1987 for the Elite Paint Club. He is still in that club. Although he was never in the executive committee, he was the joint secretary of the cricket committee for a long time. Also worked in various committees of the organization for many days. He is a well-known face in Chittagong’s Krarangan. He is running for the post of Vice President at his last age. Therefore, he should be caught as well.

Although Mofizur Rahman was a politician, he had enough passion for sports. which is still there. He was actively involved with Chittagong and Dhaka Abahani. Abahani was the president of the support group. He was also the director of Abahani. However, he came to the District Sports Organization in 1996 as a representative of the District Commissioner. After that, Rafa has been the representative of the cricket club for more than two decades. He became an executive member of CJKS in the 2011 election. He came back to this organization after a long break. Electing for the post of vice president. Can be said to be a heavyweight candidate. Advocate Shaheen Aftabur Reza Chowdhury has spent 50 years as a cricketer and organizer. He played cricket from 1973 to 1990. He played for different clubs. He also played for the district team. In 1986, he first came to the district sports organization for Friends Club. Now as a representative of MH Sporting Club. Member of Ad Hoc Committee for the first time. Executive member for three terms since then, Treasurer for one term, Joint Editor for one term. Vice President for four consecutive terms after a break of one term in between. He was the cricket editor. Joint Secretary of Divisional Sports Association. Director of BCB. He was involved in various international events. This time also he is a candidate for the post of vice president. So his position will be at the top of the heavyweights.

Shahzada Alam is also an athlete turned sports organizer. As a player from 1976 to 1987, he won many medals at national and international level. Then the sports organizer. He represented various clubs at various times. But his life is karate. Apart from being the Vice President of the Karate Federation, he has performed various duties nationally and internationally. He was the Joint Secretary of Chittagong District Sports Association. He is now running for the post of vice president to make room for new ones. So Shahzada is also a strong candidate for this post.

Syed Abul Bashar is the soulful man of cricket. A brave freedom fighter. CJKSA became the representative of the first Deputy Commissioner in 1988. From 1992 he came for Friends Club. He was an executive member in the first election in 1988. And in that position seven times in a row. Now is the time to give the newcomers a chance. Therefore, he is a candidate for the post of vice president. He has held many responsibilities starting from cricket editor. So Abul Bashar is also one of the claimants of this position.

Hafizur Rahman. From athlete to sports organizer. Played football from 1972 to 1983. He is an integral part of Chittagong District Sports Association. First came to District Sports Association in 1989 for South End Club. Since then he has been in various positions. Executive member in 92. Joint Secretary of the Football Committee in 93. Football editor in 94. Joint Secretary of the Executive Committee in 1995. Was in two terms. General Secretary of Ad Hoc Committee in 2007. Elected general secretary in 2008. Vice President since 2015 till now. This time also he is the vice president candidate. Many important activities of the district sports organization have been handled by him. He carried out all the activities especially regarding the establishment with great responsibility. Which is appreciated everywhere. In this election, Hafizur Rahman is being ranked number one by his rivals.

Voters believe that this post will be the toughest fight in this election. Because everyone here is heavyweight. What is to be seen now are four out of these ten.

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