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The ground game remained there even in the storm

The ground game remained there even in the storm
The ground game remained there even in the storm

The entire country is now a playing field from all sides of politics-economy-diplomacy. There is no shortage of sides. The final result of the game is not known. The situation changes from morning to evening. It is not clear who is against whom. Apparently the government is going down everything. The government has all arrangements for the January 7 election and taking an absolute majority in it. The government does not see any obstacles in this way. Western countries, including the United States, are no longer feeling the pressure.

Let’s say the government is talking about free, fair and participatory elections. The government will listen and make the election as usual. It will also be acceptable – steadfast in the belief that. That message was also conveyed to the United States. Such is the response to the letter from the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Donald Lu. In politics and diplomacy, Luke is called wind-storm etc. but not so to the government. In this, several agreements and agreements of the government with the United States have been made. The government did not inform about these agreements. It was informed on November 14 in the Facebook post of the US Embassy in Bangladesh.

India’s message is also clear. After the detailed discussion on Bangladesh in the ‘two plus two’ meeting of the foreign and defense ministers between India and the United States, the country’s foreign secretary Vinay Kwatra said that it is not a bottom line, but a top one. He said that the election of Bangladesh is an internal matter of that country and the people of that country will decide their future. The noise is here. Most of the opposition parties in the country want elections under a neutral or non-partisan government, not a party government. The western world, including the United States, is demanding fair elections. The government is unwilling to care. Parallel to India, China also wants elections under the constitution. A delegation of Awami League has visited the country. Three warships of the Russian Navy have left Chittagong port after completing a three-day goodwill visit. The government is very dependent on it.

Analyzing these events and situations, the whole situation is in favor of the government. Local politics is also fairly under control. The government is sure that the main opposition party BNP will not be able to raise its head. The government has all the tools to keep the Jatiya Party obedient. Jamaat somehow survives. The rest of the Islamic parties want at most two to four seats. And the left-wing Inu-Menon is enough. Other parties including CPB-BASD do not care. The government is totally dependent on such an equation. However, the question remains as to how much this equation will match in the end.

More and more people are saying that the United States has not changed its position on Bangladesh. Saying, they are not for any party, but for the people of Bangladesh. And the people want a fair and acceptable election. That is what the United States wants. Donald Lu gave a separate letter to the big three parties, Awami League, BNP and Jatiya Party to sit in unconditional dialogue, besides distributing this letter, Ambassador Peter Haas again held a private banquet with World Bank-IMF representatives in Dhaka. Peter Haas has created a new event by donating blood for the people of Bengal along with his embassy colleagues at Evercare Hospital in the capital. The embassy later posted a video of the US ambassador donating blood to the embassy colleagues on social media X and Facebook. The description of the video post reads, ‘Blood donation is essential for everyone’s health! At the embassy in Dhaka, we try to fulfill our responsibility for the people of Bangladesh. Donate blood, save life’. As a diplomatic event, it is of a different dimension altogether. By sending warships, Russia has given rise to more exceptional events in terms of dimensions. After half a century, the incident of Russian warship sheep in Chittagong port is one of the incidents of diplomacy. Not even one, three ships of Russia’s Pacific fleet flocked to Chittagong port.

It was also posted on the Facebook page of the Russian Embassy in Dhaka. It is said that this is Russia’s friendship visit to Bangladesh. After 50 years, why did Russia send warships to show friendship? The question is endless. It is difficult to believe in such a straightforward explanation of the purpose of friendship in the arrival of the Russian Navy in Bangladesh with warships at this difficult time of politics. Also, when Russia is in a bad situation with the Ukraine war. Under the cover of this, the shadow of India and China on Bangladesh is also discussed. And all this is going around about the upcoming elections. Bangladesh’s past controversial elections were an issue of internal politics. This time is no exception. This time ahead of the elections, the big powers of the world appeared with their own agenda. The agenda includes many economic and commercial issues.

Awami League is hopeful that India and the United States will inevitably benefit from the deep understanding of international and regional issues. The government has information that the announcement that the United States and India will not look at Bangladesh through the eyes of at least this time is not being implemented. That is, due to the situation, Bangladesh will have to look at Bangladesh through the eyes of India, of which Awami League will be the one-sided beneficiary of the United States. After winning the election again, the information is circulating in the air-air of politics and in diplomacy that the claim to manage whoever is needed is fixed. In general, it is clear that the people or the voters will not be a factor in this election. What do the United States, China or India think about Bangladesh elections? Who is on which side? A search for all these is going on in the political market. No one is looking into what Bangladesh thinks. Meanwhile, the government is now gaining more strength in taking a hand in the United States. He mutters many things with great pride. During the India-US meeting in Delhi, the US ambassador to Dhaka, Peter Haas, has also been summoned. Until then, the US State Department has said that they have a keen eye on Bangladesh. They have said that they are watching Bangladesh very closely.

The European Union’s sanctions for Bangladesh were more severe. The EU has recently expressed deep concern about the extent and severity of the crackdown on dissent in the country. Near and far viewing is almost over. Again, America doesn’t do things half right. Either the whole works, or it doesn’t. Does not rub on the body. But, Bangladesh did not just complain about it, it completely covered it up. On the contrary, the government has left no trace of triviality with various nonsense comments. But the response of the United States is soft-yellow. The US has an experienced ambassador and an incredibly talented team in Dhaka, saying ‘we are monitoring the environment closely’. US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel said that the public threat to beat Chittagong’s Awami League leader Peter Haas is distressing. A wave of satisfaction has been noticed among some of the government party.

The general secretary of the ruling party, Obaidul Quader, has proudly given the message that Delhi is there, we are there. In this, China’s government is like a blank check. At least this is the message of the Chinese ambassador to Dhaka, Yao Wen. Hoping that stability would return quickly after the upcoming elections, he indicated elections in light of the existing constitution of Bangladesh. He also informed that Bangladesh is the preferred place for Chinese investors. He also assured more investment. Such a role of China is a great pain and suffering for the opposition including BNP. Because China was a historical ally of BNP. China also recognized the independence of Bangladesh after 75 years. Bangladesh’s Mithali’s opening with China was held by President Ziaur Rahman. Awami League has mastered that China by taking advantage of some mistakes of BNP. The rulers have a different account. They believe that some of the superpowers, including the United States, are now strong fans. The United States will and will continue to be strong if it continues to show that strength. Will not go to weak BNP. Who is controlling such equations? Or going to be controlled by yourself! The news of that floor still remained there.

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